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Also known as the pyramids of Zephasia, the Jahmat are mysterious and colossal structures thought to have been created by the very ancient Titans who dwelt in Zephasia some twenty five thousand years ago or more. The word 'jahmat' is a Zephasian word and is both singular and plural in common usage.

A jahmat is typically pyramidal in shape and about 750 feet (230m) wide at the base by about 1200 feet (366m) in height. Some jahmat more closely resemble an eight-sided shape, with the point of the lower half presumably forming the base of the structure.

The first 150 feet (46m) of the base of a jahmat is covered with rich and ornate reliefs in an unknown hieroglyphic language called simply the Jahmat Language by modern scholars. The top is capped with gold and the pinnacle is thought to be crystal.

An explorer's sketch of one of the mysterious jahmat

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