Jahshput Tree

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A great tree with broad canopy and cypress-tree like foliage, native to Corundy and known for thousands of years in the literature and art of that region, the Jahshput Tree has been cultivated in Ithatia, Ambrinqua, Thyria, and Shelekhumbia. The trunk rises like a narrow cone, with spiraling patterns from the earth coming to a thick trunk that then spreads into the foliage. The canopy is broad and somewhat flat at the base, ascending into a squat cone shape. Its foliage spread resembles a Stone Pine in this regard, but rises higher in the center and has a proportionately thicker trunk. The Jahshput is long-lived and the oldest specimens are over a thousand years old, with a canopy reaching 30 meters wide.

The oldest jahshput tree stands near Lake Shallynaffe.

The Muncha Tree is known to spread its top around the lower branches of a Jahshput tree, using the greater tree for support.

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