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Joturnia-Mithgorne is the name of a system of its two constituent worlds, Joturnia and Mithgorne. They are part of the greater universe in which the World of Asdar exists and are specifically part of the galaxy known as the Starsea Galaxy. Joturnia is a terrestrial world smaller than Asdar and thus smaller than Earth. It is held in a kind of tidal lock with the greater world of Mithgorne which is thought to be composed of mostly water. The distance between the two worlds is fantastically close by real world standards. Joturnia is named after the archtitan Joturn who is thought to have settled the first titans on it. Its axis of rotation points directly through the center of Mithgorne, so that Joturnia's southpole is always facing the great water world. For this reason, the lands at and near the south pole receive much more precipitation than the north pole which is a hot, desert wasteland similar to the Sahara. Some scholars of the world's cosmogony believe that Joturn indeed created Joturnia-Mithgorne or at least placed them locked with each other.

There are twelve moons that orbit these worlds and thus are part of the Joturnia-Mithgorne System. The distance between these worlds is much close than the distance between the real Earth and her moon, Luna. Additionally, a thin atmosphere extends from Joturnia-Mithgorne to fill the space between these worlds. For this reason, fantastical skycraft can reach between them enabling transportation for the wealthy few who can afford such craft and for the Terubian Empire based on Joturnia.

Map of the Joturnia-Mithgorne System

Map of the Joturnia-Mithgorne System
Map of the Joturnia-Mithgorne System IMPROVED

List of Twelve Moons of Joturnia-Mithgorne

There are twelve moons, called the Luminary Worlds, that orbit the Joturnia-Mithgorne system. Here they are in order from nearest to farthest.

Gominix: training world for Terubian Sorcerers
Bittol: dead world with waystation
Satva: silvery world—home to elves, speak language very similar to Tsabir.
Upheliom: home to blue dragon tribes—perhaps has gate to Acacúlda (Diabolic world)
Glartut: anciently a priest-kingdom, now in ruins.
Ladri: elf world
Aalorth: human barbarians
Barrust: slave-world—with subterranean ranger chieftaincies.
Kashti: monastic retreat, favored by priests of Lumluke.
Mungshedo: slave world of the Zersha dwarves.
Organch: home of the Organches
Nepsulon: gaseous world with strange life-forms (winged creatures, gas bubble creatures), home to a clan of storm giants, floating islands of earth


Joturnia is 2,000 Joturnian Leagues or 20,000 statue miles in circumference, less than the roughly 24,900 miles of Earth's circumference. Its north pole that always faces directly away from Mithgorne is a scorching hot desert as it faces through the brunt of the day at local sun, Zalawt, which the Joturnia-Mithgorne System orbits. Its north pole continually faces the greater, water world of Mithgorne and for this reason receives less sunlight and receives torrential downpours of snow and rain as moisture rises from the atmosphere of Mithgorne and drenches the lands of the northern hemisphere. The shining world of Mithgorne fills the night sky with the reflected light of the star, Zalawt, which is the local sun, except when the lesser shadow of Joturnia falls upon it and reduces its brilliance. The farther one is situated in the southern hemisphere, towards the south pole, the less and less one can see of the world of Mithgorne, perhaps catching a glimpse of its great size on the horizon. At the south pole, it is impossible to see the companion world. While near or on the north pole in the northern hemisphere, the day is divided in half by the world of Joturnia itself, making 'mid-day' a darkness nearly equal to night, except for the brilliance of Mithgorne. During the true night, Mithgorne is between Joturnia and the sun, so neither the sun, nor the sun-facing side of Mithgorne is visible.

Terubian Empire

By far, the greatest political power on Joturnia is the vast, Terubian Empire which has been ruled by centuries of sorcerous houses. The empire directly administers hundreds of provinces, satraps, and colonies, and is the senior partner in the protective treaty with the land of Falmigir. Falmigir and several other large empires are in fact client-states of the Terubian Empire. The tribes of the northern lands are famously independent from the Terubian Empire which considers these peoples to be backward, savage, and desperately in need of conquest.

Geography of Joturnia

Map of Joturnia

Joturnia is comprised of numerous small continents that largely form one huge continent. Due to Joturnia's special locked position with her greater companion world, Mithgorne, her southpole points continually away from their union, while her north point points continually to the center of Mithgorne.

List of Continents and Great Reigions of Joturnia

Arctica: land of the northpole.
Surtsa: hot, scorching continent of the south pole which always points away from Mithgorne. Also called Antarctica
Gugia: The southern peninsula of Ligdo, a great region known for its numerous kobold tribes.
Ligdo: large continent with hot southern shores and cool temperate forests on the equator
Heo: a great region that connects Ligdo and Saktiya. It is inhabited by several gnome tribes.
Saktiya: great, forested and jungled continent with heavy rains and creatures devoted to the gods of chaos.
Daushra: a great region in southern Saktiya and homeland of the Zersha dwarves who are vassals of the Terubian Empire.
Salaya: a small peninsular continent attached to Saktiya. The southern coast is controlled by a Terubian colony.
Gamsabia: a great region that comprises the southernmost tip of Mandragoria and includes the homelands of Akuba.
Mandragoria: a long continent that wraps from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere and connects to the subcontinent of Kathamlaä.
Kathmalaä: a subcontinent of Mandragoria known for its rich culture and pantheon and anciently ruled by a powerful Sultana.
Tumoturia: a great region in Mandragoria known for its powerful halfling wizards and a client region of the Terubian Empire.
Rhunak: the northernmost point of Mandragoria that connnects it with Throsty.
Falmigir: a great region of Mandragoria that is a client empire of Terubia.
Ornuth: a great region connecting Saktiya with Throsty. Here are the restless human barbarian tribes who despise the Terubian Empire.
Zotar: a long island dominated by the snow elves
Throsty: the snow and glacier-ridden continent of the north pole, Throsty includes the Jabunta Mountains and the region between them and the Thigorn Sea.

Other Terms

Frost Lands (Joturnia): The lands of Ornuth, Throsty, Rhunak, and Arctica (lands around the north pole) are collectively called the 'Frost Lands.'

Mithraguni Ocean

Surrounding the southern continent of Surtsa, the warm waters of the Mithraguni Ocean are infested with schools of strange creatures, Vispals, Yubes, and others, sometimes to the point of the waters being crammed end to end with swarms of them. The presence of these creatures makes the waters dangeous and difficult to navigate.

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