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The Juffa according to prophecy of the priests of Chaos is the great priest of chaos who will cause the gods of chaos and mortals to hear "the same music" on the earth once again. The finding of the true Juffa was one of the purported causes of the Voyage of the Chaos Fleet. The failure to obtain the Juffa was the ostensible reason that the same fleet continued out of the Pallathantic Sea and ultimately south to Zephasia.

According to various prophecies compiled through the ages[1], the Juffa will come from the east and will unite different components of the world before uniting the mortal world with the divine world.

During the reign of Prince Ulcanov of the Shattered Waters, there were many who presented themselves to the Prince as Juffas. The Prince both rejected and slew one after the other until no such candidate would risk the peril of a visit to his court. In turn, the Prince sought out potential Juffas and slew them. This is one reason that some believe Airdred the Wily avoided the court of Ulcanov. Some say that Prince Ulcanov was an unsuccessful Juffa and thus detested those who would achieve what he failed to accomplish.


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