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The relations of the ancient Gods of Kalama, their unions and offspring

The gods of the ancient Kalaman Pantheon are believed to have originated largely from the antediluvian Drameggin Civilization and are preserved in the modern cultures of Rhiony and Vimalia as well as observed by neighboring civilizations of Ithatia and Midretasso. Their divinities are numerous and are thought to incorporate the gods of multiple pre-flood cultures which are known only to specialists if remembered at all. Some of the divinities have correspondence with the gods of other pantheons, such as Hesukh (Eshik), Hukshal (Parkia), Thulya (Eriu), Penjahl (Lydamion), Dajhis, and Arutkaupshaz.

List of Kalaman Divinities

Akshayja, goddess of new stars and new lights in the heavens, daughter of Vahumu and Dithan
Arutkaupshaz, god of the Planet Aarothkopshaz, forebear of the titans
Ashiha, goddess of precious stones
Ashihandi, goddess of mathematics, daughter of Zakshim and Sirthi
Atur, god of storms, thought to have caused the great flood of Aturyanda
Babirrha, god of wine, son of Lantra and Thulya, father of the Dhumiyokhshi
Bambashra, god of sailors, son of Hesukh and Mahada
Baspala, Archtitan who is said to have created Aksiluva or the skynesses of Medibgö
Bhimala, god of Lake Bhimala, Lord Vimal
Brabda, god the creator, one of the great Kalaman triad
Chamb, god of springs and ways and means
Chaspartha, mother of Xamunite Priestesses, daughter of Kerchala and Kshamuna
Dajhis, goddess of Dragons, thought to be mother of the Dragonfolk
Dhairwazi, goddess of transformation
Dhumiyokhshi, three divinities of wine harvest and wine-making, daughters of Babirrha
Gaspand, Blue Bull of Kalama, Mount of Umand and sometimes of Zakshim
Goha, god of the smithy, a titan
Gokil, god of sacred mushrooms, husband to Dhairwazi
Hesukh, god of hidden waters, said to have sprung from himself, associated with Kuma and Eshik, he is thought equivalent to either one.
Hukshal, goddess of the winds
Jhuntwa, god of markets, son of Zakshim and Sirthi
<Kaina, goddes of Starmoon>
Kashkama The Kalaman version of the god Liluthio
Kerchala, god of nighttime lights and nighttime journeys, husband to Kshamuna
Khandiwa, goddess of plenty and famine, consort to Kwand
<Khir, god of Sunmoon>
Khulkha, the scrying one, the diabolic offspring of Dajhis and a powerful mortal sorcerer, compare Q'ulq'aa in Neptultchi pantheon.
Kshamuna, goddess of fire, wife to Kerchala
Kwand: god of death
Lankti, goddess of Silvermoon, one of the two 'Sisters.' See also Ziri.
Lantra, god the transformer, one of the great Kalaman triad
Lishti, goddess of harvest
Luddhiseha, god of caravans
Lukhmaudhi, goddess of pure waters
Mahada, great goddess of the earth
Manshu, god of wizardry and arcane knowledge
Nikshra, Colorful feathered serpent, Mount of the goddess Hukshal
Omonkhandhi, goddess of the gates of death
Onekhyá, god of war, son of Zhaddhin and Hukshal
Onkhyajhamu, god of commanders in war
Pamuchal, god of astronomy and those who observe the heavens
Penjahl, lord of Madness, thought to be the same as the chaos god, Lygdamion, patron god of Balimarutha
Raddha, giant and priest of Penjahl, also son of Penjahl
Razag, divinity of thieves, son of Zhaddhin and Jhuspi
Sakkha, god of the Cosmic Star
Satran, Father of the Bimalokhas or priests of Vimal, son of Kaina and Bhimala
Shakla, god the desroyer, one the great Kalaman triad, also seen as the destroyer of Kshu, a demon who corresponds with the Neptultchi God, Tsama Qllu
Shalukka, Kalaman name for Addan, a foreign, Midretassene hero, a demi-mortal son of the goddess Mahada, who conquered the city of Aturoksha (Addinoro)
Shandhur, Silver Elephant of Kalama, divine elephant mount of the god Atur
Shardan: god of Lake Shallynaffe
Shihir, god of fishermen, son of Bambashra and Hukshal
Sirthi, goddess of gold
Taswa, god of nighttime dreams
Tazalund, great horse of Kalama, Lord of Horses, Horse Mount to Onekhyá
Thandi, goddess of bards and poets
Thulya, goddess of the sun
Tihuk, god of inventive crafts
Tihuna, goddess of birds
Tijubya, goddess of the harvest
Trancha, god of alchemy, son of Gokil and Dhairwazi
Umand, god of cowherds, son of Lishti and Khir
Vahmu, also Wahmu, goddess of creation and the void
Zakshim, god of merchants, son of Zhaddhin and Sirthi
Zhaddhin, god of indolent wealth
Ziri, goddess of goldmoon, one of the two 'Sisters.' See also Lankti.
Zhokrihi, goddess of stars

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