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Kalikán is the name of a Jaggudornish tribe of Thwarrish Gwenyans in Thrace who emerged in the mid first millennium before Salmakhamer. The Kalikán adopted Thwar (Tuvar) as the Sky Father and some of their number claimed demi-mortal descent from the god. The Parkyon Tribe held hegemony over the Gwenyan tribes of Thrace until the Kalikán defeated them in war and the King of the Mipnor Clan led the Parkyons out of Thrace over the Jaggudorns into Colnoria. This is known as the Ancestral Rift of Sky and many authors and leaders attribute this as the cause of the ongoing millennia-old conflict between the Parkyons and the Kalikán. The Kalikán increased in size and influence and have historically been the dominant ethnic group of Thrace to the present day.

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