Kalikán-Ephysgæes Pact

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The Kalikán-Ephysgæes Pact divided the Pallathantic into the New Kalikán Empire and the Gorcorumbese Empire of the Ephysgæes.

The Overlord of Gorcorumb and the King-Emperor of Thrace formally acknowledged a cooperative warfare against their common enemies, the Skymark Federation. The Kalikán like most human rulers were not originally eager to ally with the Geddamin whose great contempt for humanity was well known since the fall of the Yophenthean Empire. The Kalikán-Ephysgæe Pact is also called the Jaggudorn-Ephysgæe Pact less commonly.

The perceived greater power of the Skymark Federation and internal discord made the rulers of the Kalikán believe a pact with the Geddamin was expedient. It also ensured that the Geddamin would not be counted on the long list of the enemies of the Kalikán Empire.

The country of Thrace on the eastern slopes of the Jaggudorns and the Amandal Plateau is not far from the many principalities of giants in the northern Jaggudorn Plateau. This proximity has made the Thracians wary of giants but also more willingly to cooperate with their greater neighbors. The Geddamin were considered some of the most civilized of the giant races. Additionally, their use of titancraft meant they were a powerful ally with Thrace.

The Pact was negotiated in 2550 and renegotiated in 2570. A faction of the Kalikán Empire renounced the Pact in 2574. However, the legality of this renunciation was questioned and the Pact was not fully and widely accepted as renounced until the Treaty of Tauhad (2576).

The pact denigrated the reputation of the Thracian imperialists far and wide and was one of the reasons that unified their rebellious subjects throughout the Pallathantic. Common Thracians found the cooperation with the Geddamin dishonorable and many held their rulers in contempt. Even in Gorcorumb, many Geddamin found the pact offensive as the Kalikán held the god Thwar in great esteem and the Geddamin never forgot that an early manifestation of Thwar, the god Atur, was ostensibly responsible for the Great Flood that destroyed the hegemony of the Titans, the ancient masters of the Geddamin.

Some observers conjecture that the Gorcorumbese Geddamin had intended to make common cause with the Kalikán to subdue the world and then betray their Thracian allies when it suited them. The Geddamin believed that the humans would be easier to rule if they saw that both humans and giants were their rulers. They did not expect organized resistance from human nations and their quick adaptation of Titancraft.

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