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The collection of Jerushablan scripture and history is called the Kaphrimmoth. It is crucial to the knowledge of the religion of the ancient Jerushablans and its modern practitioners. The Kaphrimmoth informs the beliefs of Incarnandists and Imzaamis.

Books of the Kaphrimmoth in Traditional Sequence (Incomplete)

The Holy Forebears [Forebears]

The Creation and first humans according to Thammazic myth; including account of Dagum (first man), Inakhah (antediluvian mystic), Muakhayn (flood survivor), Thammaz (forebear of Thammazite peoples), Tahurah (father of Amirukh), Amirukh (restorer of monotheism), Izug (son of Amirukh and father of Khahoner), and Khahoner (father of fourteen tribes and one adopted tribe). First half recounts creation and ends with the flood. The second half recounts the life of Muakhayn after the Great Flood and his descendants until Amirukh. Second half gives account of Amirukh and the covenant between Amirukh and the God Esel in Thyria. The Memnosian Sea presented as symbolic of the Great Flood. The land of Shelekhumbia representative of wickedness before the Flood and the land of Jerushabla represents the righteousness after the cleansing of the flood. Khahoner blesses his sons and dies.

The Book of the Children of Khahoner [Children of Khahoner]

Account of the descendants of Khahoner after the covenant; his fifteen sons and one adoptive Shelekhumbite son: Wahikhite, Zaudanite, Kakalaite, Themuite, Rephite, Mekhonite, Talumite, Daymokhite, Asheluphite, Gib'ite, Neumsite, Shenimite, Lishite, Ziphrite (Shelekhumbite), and Kithromimite. The Children of Khahoner live in exile in Shelekhumbia under the King of Kings in Shelekhumbia.

The Book of Delivrance [Delivrance]

The King of Shelekhumbia persecutes the Khahonri, they pray for delivrance; Barzebnum chosen to deliver Khahoner; Sixteen wonders afflicted upon Shelekhumbia; King of Shelekhumbia's priests fight Barzebnum in an epic battle, Barzebnum leads the children of Khahoner through a gate to the realm of Chaos.

The Book of Barzebnum [Barzebnum]

Journeys of the children of Khahoner in the realm of Chaos; Barzebnum receives law of Yal; creation of the Ark of Yal; manner of the selection of the priests of Yal. Some of the Khahonrites are gated to Kaia Ts'voth.

The Book of Tephir [Tephir]

Tephir using knowledge from Hœrnect in the realm of Chaos creates a gate; Tephir leads children of Tephir through gate into the land of Zoham; Rules for purification from residual Chaos; journey by Midiantir; fights with orcs, entry into Thyria, conquest of Thyria under Tephir

The Book of the Priests of Yal [Priests of Yal]

The account of the hereditary priests and the law of Yal, their struggle against the Gishites and Shaqethites.

The First Book of Mystic Judges [Mystic Judges]

The governance and history of the Mystic Judges

The Second Book of Mystic Judges [Mystic Judges]

The First Book of the First Kingship [1 First Kingship]

Reigns of King Shanjubyal, King Tauhan, King Selukyal. Young Tauhan defeats a Geddamin in battle. King Tauhan leads warriors against Khesheph and subdues it. Selukyal binds djinn and orders creation of the Throne of Storms. Upon Selukyal's death, the djinn break free and send his heirs into the exile abroad

The Second Book of the First Kingship [2 First Kingship]

Subsequent reigns of King Caphicain the Gaudy, Caphicain is accused of collusion with the djinn, Rival kingdom of Zoham established by King Amphashi (not of Selukyal), thus the kingdom is divided; King Caphicain picks Shahezer to succeed him and on his death-bed forces the priests of Yal to annoint him King.

The Third Book of the First Kingship [3 First Kingship]

King Beshu, true heir of Selukyal, returns from exile from Shelekhumbia. He fights Amphashi and slays him, then is annointed king of Jerushabla in Zoham by Gidhonyal, a priest of Yal. Shahezer reigning in Tishereth in anger slays the priests of Yal, but some escape to Zoham. King Beshu gathers his forces and leads campaign against King Shahezer. Two battles fought at different towns before Jerushabla. King Beshu defeats Shahezer's forces. Shahezer slain by his concubine in bed. King Beshu takes Tishereth and re-establishes the true kingship. Re-establishment of the Priests of Yal. Prophet Gidhonyal enjoins King Beshu and his heirs not to practice magecraft like King Selukyal. King Beshu grows old and dies.

The Fourth Book of the First Kingship [4 First Kingship]

King Sarukhyal annointed. He sets his house in order. Led by Kahad, nephew of Amphashi, the bastards of the desert attack the south of the Kingdom. King Sarukhyal fights in battle against them and is nearly slain. Kahad occupies Midiantir with his orc minions. King Sarukhyal's concubine advises that he summon the djinn, but he refuses. House intrigues. Priests of Yal admonish all Jerushabla to worship only Yal or they will be destroyed. King Sarukhyal destroys all the sanctuaries of Gish and of Shaqeth in the land. The orcs under Kahad gather forces and march against Tishereth. The priests of Yal bear the ark of Yal and the army of King Sarukhyal defeats the orcs under the power of the God Yal. Kahad taken and executed. The remainder of Sarukhyal's reign is peaceful and prosperous. Growing power of the Geddamin alluded to.

The Fifth Book of the First Kingship [5 First Kingship]

King Sarukhyal's son Narukhasul becomes king. He marries a priestess of Shaqeth and displeases the priests of Yal. The high places of the goddess Shaqeth are restored throughout the kingdom. The growing power of the Geddamin alluded to. The Geddamin conquer Khesheph.

The Book of the Wars of Chaos [Wars of Chaos]

The civil war and disruption after the collapse of the First Kingship; The Geddamin attack from the north from Khesheph and the orcs attack from the south. King Narukhasul slain in battle against the Geddamin. Tishereth occupied by the Geddamin, Narukhasul's son, Darasul taken captive by the Geddamin. Priests of Yal flee south to the aid of the warriors fighting the orcs.

The First Book of the Second Kingship [Second Kingship]

the restored monarchy (partly Tauhanite through female line)

The Second Book of the Second Kingship [Second Kingship]

Book of the Hymns

The Book of Seers [Seers]

The words of the seers before and during the captivity.

The Psalms of Tauhan [Tauhan]

The father of the Tauhanite Kings

Wisdom of Selukyal [Selukyal]

Wisdom and esoteric knowledge of King Selukyal

The Sayings of Caphicain the Vizier [Caphicain]

observations and knowledge of Caphicain Vizier and Successor

The Book of Dakhesel the Prophet [Dakhesel]

The Book of Kimur the Scribe [Kimur]

The Book of Asuliphoth the Prophet [Asuliphoth]

The Book of Sepheth the Prophet [Sepheth]

The Book of Shaykhul of Thaadi [Shaykhul]

The Dream of Shaqthutha [Shaqthutha]

Books referenced by the Kaphrimmoth but not included
The Book of Muakhayn

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