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The Kemerite Giants of Pytharnia are so named for their eponymous forebear, Kemer, who their legends ascribes to the mythical period sometime after the Flood of Aturyanda, following the Age of Ice and Blood or roughly 7500 AS. The Kemerite Giants are the indigenous common giant species (see Geddamin Giants) of Pytharnia and its principle giant race. The Kemerites, like most other giant humanoids, claim descendancy from the antediluvian Titans. The Kemerites held much sway over all Pytharnia, except middle Disdrire Forest, heavily occupied by the Elves, and the Ithrad Mountains which were the dominion of the dwarves. The Kemerites did not have a rigid central government, but paid homage to local chieftains who in turn paid homage to high priests of the holy places, some of which are known today as Amyrn and Trevirs. They also had friendly trade relations with the sky giants of Aksiluva. With the Coming of the Neptultchi in the late fifth millennium before Salmakhamer, the Kemerites gradually fell prey to the organized soldiers and powerful magics of the alien invaders and became their vassals and slaves. Many Kemerites fled into the northern woodlands of Pytharnia, to Barathorn, or among the Jaffgorn Giants, their ancient kinsfolk, in the Jaggudorns.

Ancient Kemerite settlements include Jhelassa (now modern Trevirs) and Bambashathra (now modern Bryndyd).

Kemerite Tribes

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