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Khesheph in southeastern Ambrinqua

Khesheph is an ancient land in southeastern Ambrinqua and the northernmost of the lands of Thyria. Khesheph is the homeland of the Cospian people who are descended from ancient Thammazite tribesmen who migrated in the fourth millennium before Salmakhamer into the land. Khesheph rests in the southeastern quarter of the Ambrinquan Peninsula, facing the Memnosian Sea. Khesheph is girded to the northwest by the Ephysgæe Mountains, to the northeast by Ebinóë, and the southwest by Sanoman and Jerushabla. Across the Cospian Coastland rest the islands of Gehemer and Narshad. In ancient times, Khesheph was ruled by kings. Today Khesheph is subject to the Gorcorumbese Empire of the Ephysgæes and divided into three eparchies, each administered by a Gorcorumbese governor, in the cities of Libshem, Shahzab, and Eliudinak.

Khesheph faces from the Ayekhem Mountains towards the see and three rivers drain the land, the Zinthor River, the Shebel River, and the Kimsha River. The Zinthor River flows out of the Dedune Valley which historically is not considered part of Khesheph but part of the land of Gorcorumb.

Khesheph has a warm Pallathantic climate and receives light rains in the winter and spring, and towards the end of summer. The iconic tree of the land is the Cospian Cedar known as the Khakhufraa Tree. Groves of such trees dominate the slopes of the Ephysgæe Mountains to the north and the wood of the Khakhufraa is favored by the Gorcorumbese Giants for construction of their palaces and furniture.

Native Cospians speak modern Cospian, a language which is related to Khahonri and Narsadese. Cospians are largely, farmers, craftsmen, and small merchants. The wealthier merchant families have for the most part relocated to Narshad, Jerushabla, or New Phionace where they are not subject to the control and taxation of the Gorcorumbese Empire.

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