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The Kingdom of Oliblish was established in 2310 by Incarnandina Besheth kath Miyanikhiya when she annointed Jehmushal kab Selukyal in 2310 to become the first king of Oliblish, creating the Jehmusalid Dynasty. The present ruler is King Ba'akh kab Sha'adh, born 2677, a direct patrilineal descendant of Jehmushal. The royal residence and ministries are found in the capital Tahkhnúsh. The residence of the Holy Family is in a small palace, the House of the Incarnandina, outside of the Eremitic Refuge of the Holy Pinnacle in northeastern Oliblish, south of the Ooshib Raaykh Mountains.

The Kingdom of Oliblish rests in southwestern Danona, neighboring Jhaadi Zhumzhur and the Sultanate of Zarajove.

The Eleventh Isbajath was set forth with the specific intention of gaining the land of Oliblish and establishing a kingdom as a habitation for the Incarnandists, especially those of Shenimite heritage and for the residence of the Holy Family.

The Royal Family consists of King Ba'akh kab Sha'adh, his wife, the queen-consort, Besheth, their eldest son, Prince Shazuqyar kab Ba'akh. King Ba'akh's older sister is Princess Pa'athukhám. His younger siblings are Prince Shazah Puzzutha kab Sha'adh, husband-consort to the Incarnandina Himnazmáth kath Mahirutha, Princess Zayraz'emáth, and Prince Shayubhyal kab Sha'adh.

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