Knights-Magi of Aurice

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Established in 1629 by the powerful wizard, Ugorth the Archmage, the Knights-Magi of Aurice are committed to defending the city of Aurice and Aurician imperial interests abroad. The Archmage Ugorth commissioned the Knights to serve him and defend the city of Aurice. After the adoption of the Golden Phœnice in the late twenty sixth century, the knights added defending the temples and their pilgrims to their mission.

During the reign of Prince Ulcanov of the Shattered Waters, the surviving Knights-Magi went into hiding in the depths of the earth and abroad to avoid execution at the hands of the Great Chaos Ruler.

The Commandery and chapterhouse of the Order is located on the small island, Archmage Isle, (Rock of Mages), in the Aurician Lagoon. The current Grandmaster is Sameison Quave.

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