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The gods of Kvarraga are not properly conceived of as a single pantheon, but the gods and divinities of the various races and cults of the deeparth region of Kvarraga. Many of them are among the most ancient divinities of the world of Asdar. The Xhalb'ithutine Pantheon consists of divinities descended from or otherwise related to the great demonic goddess, Xhalb'ithut.

Xhalb'ithutine Pantheon

This family of gods claim descent or relationship to the great demonic goddess, Xhalb'ithût. The principle worshipers are the deepearth Ithrabbi and the Sibbarines. Members of other races also have occasion to propitiate these divinities in order to secure their favor and avoid their enmity. The troglodytes and goblinoids are chief among those so doing.

List of Gods of Kvarraga

Ishmût: chaos goddess of the waters of regeneration
Lygdamion: greater chaos god
Queb: chaos god of clowns, evil clowns, childishness
Shadmenus: chaos god, herald of the chaos gods
Siddu-l'makgi: chaos god of oblivion
Triconia: chaos goddess of monstrosity
Demon Lords (Archdemons)
Abominatrix: Demoness of filth and uncleanness, that which is loathsome
Babnoosboti : demon lord of death and dismemberment, see also Babnoosbotiac and Chuläan
Dagdamon: head of frog, body of fish, worshiped by fishfolk, frogfolk, and troglodytes
Glaw: demon lord of despair and gloom
Gloki: Demon Lord of infamous Minions-of-Gloki.
Psychogorgon:archdemon, devourer of souls
Devil Lords (Archdevils, Archfiends)
Baalrabsheol: Archdevil, chief patron god of Dor-Gazaw.
Belizah: Archdevil, Queen of Deception, Seduction, Covetousness
Olibzeel: archdevil, dracknaughts
Surikund Zade: Lesser Archdevil, a patron divinity of Dor-Gazaw.
Great Dragon: a patriarchal dragon figure worshiped by dragons and draconic creatures; Great Dragon is a counterpart to Xhalb'ithût. Sometimes called the Great Worm.
Tas: Gargot Grandfather
Bubuna : Umyami goddess, mother of mischief
Hakhuzur: deified form of Hekham Rag, patron god of the rulers of the Kharredui, the deep orcs
Inansha: Goddess of Umyami Sorcerers
Segothah: God of the Lizardfolk
Ssubat: Troglodyte god of the deepearth worshiped by various humanlikes
Strahg: Kumeimidir god of the deepearth stone giants.
Udakibeh: God of Uglyami (compare Hobgoblins)
Umumoma (Kv): Gakhyami god of the mysterious depths and impenetrable darkness
Xothurb: chthonic god of wealth, favored by dwarves during the Middle Ages of Chaos
Isxinthion and other Human
Knohm: god of the earth, Knohm is worshiped largely by the relatively few humans of Kvarraga.
Kuma (Emmachaz): god of the subterranean waters, especially the Sea of Esgarga. He is one of the few major benevolent divinities of Kvarraga.
Orclanx: god of the dead
Orkybanth: judge of the dead and the underworld
Xhalb'ithutine Pantheon
Hersp: god and Prince of the Ithrabbi,
Shalb, aka Xhalb': demonic divinity of the deepearth, son of Xhalb'ithût, worshiped by the Sibbarines, the underworld elves
Sh’nulpxhak and Pashpachwaxhak: giant tadpoles or fries that serve Hersp\
Xhalb’ithût: great demonic goddess, mother of Hersp and Shalb. Known as Xalal to the ancient Neptultchi.
Xhaltsek: son of Hersp and founder of priestly rulers of the Ithrabbi.
Also: Kvekki, Ungargot

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