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The law-lock and being 'placed under the law-lock' have reference to an ancient art of subjugating wild creatures, such as galimshara so as to constrain them to serve much like domesticated creatures. The law-lock is necessary for these beasts as they are inherently less tractable and tamable than other animals such as many mammals and birds. The art of the law-lock has been in practice among humans and humanlikes probably for as long as creatures of any sort have been domesticated.

The law-lock is not any single practice but a whole system of practices designed to compel the creature to serve the interests of its master. Magical incantations, selective breeding, repeated and consistent treatment, the use of gesture and utterances, the use of magical devices and sometimes magical musical instruments, and dietary changes are among the most common. The ability to place and maintain a creature under the law-lock itself requires training with the art of placing a newborn creature under the law-lock being the more difficult.

Desired behavior includes the beast serving as a mount to the master, the beast allowing itself to be tethered and harnessed and be placed in captivity, the beast refraining from assaulting another creature or the master, the beast refraining from fleeing into the wild, the beast obeying basic commands of the master, and the beast eating what and when the master bids.

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