Lawless Wastes

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The Lawless Wastes is the name given to the region of eastern Weshif which is generally an anarchy. This sparsely inhabited region is traversed by nomadic tribes and desert brigands. The northern reaches are called the Titan Wastelands as they are thought to have been the lands of the ancient ruling Titans of legend. The southern reaches are called the Haunted Wastes. Merchant city-states, Ezgush and Faadh Ehrun rest on the eastern coast along the Sea of a Thousand Curses. The region is surrounded by the Dominion of the Djinn to the west, the tribes of the Adamantine Giants to the north, the Sultanate of Beph-Themesh to the northwest, Rala-Pithur to the west, the merchant city-states to the east, and Dhaalizoond to the southeast.

Despite attempts to impose order on the region, it has resisted to this day. The Adamantine Giants and the djinn as well as the regions dryness are seen as the cause of its lawlessness.

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