League of Corundy

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League of Corundy in 2747

Created in 2747, the League of Corundy is a defensive and trade alliance of thirteen contiguous states comprising all the states of the peninsula of Corundy and the states of Tinchozzo and Ferruvicar. The League is dedicated to the defense of the Corundian Peninsula and its members states of Tinchozzo and Ferruvicar, promotion of commerce and trade within the states, and the self-determination of the people of the two Zamirias. The league was inspired by the Dwarven Customs Union of the Jaggudorns and desired greater defense against the newly powerful Adamantine Giants without needing intervention from the Aurician Empire.

Lutvar of Johaulia is considered one of the 'founding fathers' of the league along with the Archpatriarch of Numiria, Eriphirve Odrig.

The League of Corundy is moving towards a common currency among its member states and intends to achieve it in the early 2750's.

Flags of the League of Corundy

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