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|[[Drantis Cutch]]||align="center"|Middle||align="center"|[[Kalama]]||Murder||Those who murder with Savagery  
|[[Drantis Cutch]]||align="center"|Middle||align="center"|[[Kalama]]||Murder||Those who murder with Savagery  
|[[Errignomon]]||align="center"|Middle||align="center"|[[Late Yophenthean Empire]]||Transformation||Chaos version of Rhio, Transformative powers of wine
|[[Garved]]||align="center"|Demi||align="center"|[[Zephasia]]||Berserkers, Wanton Destruction, Mount to G'theb||Self-motivated servants  
|[[Garved]]||align="center"|Demi||align="center"|[[Zephasia]]||Berserkers, Wanton Destruction, Mount to G'theb||Self-motivated servants  
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[[Errignomon]], [[Errhabsig]]
|[[]]||align="center"|Middle||align="center"| || ||  
|[[]]||align="center"|Middle||align="center"| || ||  

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Chaos Gods have been propitiated in virtually all cultures throughout history. They are variously considered benign or malevolent. Chaos gods are not often considered a single pantheon in the manner of the Isxinthion Gods, although they some of them group to form mini-pantheons at times in human worship. The gods in this list are considered Communions. The names and understanding of Anarchs remain obscure and most scholars believe the Anarchs do not actually have names and are simply a personification of pure chaos energy. Rhio and his allomorphs are sometimes considered Chaos Gods.

List of Chaos Gods

Divinity Status Heritage Portfolio Patronage
Amyz, Amzhebar Middle Pallathantic male parthenogenesis, male homosexuality, the splitting sun male prostitutes, Amzhebarions, Amzhebarites, Amyzites
Asgance Middle Pallathantic Monstrosities, deformities those possessing deformities, those ostracized for their deformities
Azeruke Middle Pytharnia Azerukese (Tuadbe Tribe)), Travel, Freedom Travelers
Azubis Middle Yephalah, Tasso Musicians, Circus Performers
Biarrhauvaz Lesser Kalama Pleasure, Libido, Sensuality
Drantis Cutch Middle Kalama Murder Those who murder with Savagery
Errignomon Middle Late Yophenthean Empire Transformation Chaos version of Rhio, Transformative powers of wine
Garved Demi Zephasia Berserkers, Wanton Destruction, Mount to G'theb Self-motivated servants
Glaä Greater Hœrnect Primordial Waters of Creation, Parthenogenesis
G'theb Lesser Zephasia Malevolent Discord Dissenters
Graäenevoihigh Greater Pytharnia Liberation, Enslavement, Travel Masters, Slaves
Gwona Lesser Pallathantic Wanderers, Horsemen, Quest for the Juffa Gwonavites, Horsemen of the Steppes
Ishmût Greater Shelekhumbia Waters of Creative Chaos, Alien Beauty, Regeneration Ismutanes, Ismutics, Farmers, Gardeners, Healers
Kee-N’ra-Tu-Ja Lesser Pallathantic (?) Dismemberment, Disorder, Androgyny Death Cults, Serial Killers
Llŵm Lesser Medibgö God of those who practice or use chaos magic Medibgóëse god of chaos magic
Lygdamion Greater Pallathantic Madness, Androgyny, Fire, Supernatural Reproduction, War Lygdamionites, Balimaruha, Prince Ulcanov
Oonka Lesser Hœrnect Shapechanging Shapechangers
Pappi Mu Lesser Pallathantic Poverty, Androgyny, Mendicancy
Queb Middle Pallathantic Childishness, Jovial Celebrations Clowns, Evil Clowns, Revelers, Quebotics, possibly Bacchabunds
Segothah Lesser Pytharnia Lizardfolk important god of the Lizardfolk, also worshiped by Pytharnian Ithrabbi
Shadmenus Lesser Pallathantic Messengers, Beauty, Blinding Light, Nudity, Initiatory Cults, Pilgrimages, Revelations Messengers, Pilgrims
Shalb, aka Xhalb Middle Kvarraga, Sibbarine Son of Xhalb'ithût, patron god of Sibbarine Elves; Shalb is not strongly chaotic Sibbarine Elves, Allies of Sibbarine Elves
Shimzu Middle Zephasia Chaos Plants, Succulent Indulgence, Wilderness A godlike being in the Realm-of-Chaos who is the intelligence of all the Branches-of-Shimzu
Siddu-l'makgi, aka Xuetzitzo Middle Asdauria Oblivion, Causing forgetfulness in self and others Those who want to forget
Smanumas Middle Asdauria Androgyny, Romantic Love
Tecquatz Lesser Tuadbe Bladed Weapons, Assassins Assassins, those who murder with calculation
Thaugur Middle Pallathantic Obesity, Quiescence, Torpor
Triconia, "Terrible Mother" Greater Danona Natural Disasters, Mass Death
Ugamios Middle Shelekhumbia, later Pallathantic Region God of shape-shifting dreams made real, cult from Shelekhumbia, based upon Hœrnectian Gods, chaos status disputed by scholars Dreaming Priests, Ugamionites
Xhalb'ithût Greater among humanlikes many-tentacled demonic goddess, mother of many lesser divinities Ithrabbi, Sibbarine Elves, other creatures of Kvarraga
Yaiken Lesser Asdauria Uhlaki mount of Smanumas, fidelity to one's liege
Yomb Middle Deepearth chaos god of chthonic wealth worshiped by heretical dwarves chaos dwarves
Zamzooh Greater Omeddim Mercurial Inconsistency, Uncontrollable Unnatural Metamorphosis


|[[]]||align="center"|Middle||align="center"| || || |-

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