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:[[Badruso]]: god of warriors
:[[Badrusos]]: god of warriors
:[[Gahmonio]]:patron divinity of necromancers
:[[Gamonios]]:patron divinity of necromancers
:[[Gavudra]]: god of farmers
:[[Gaudras]]: god of farmers
:[[Midretta]]: daughter of Uturnus, subsequently deified as goddess of healers and medics
:[[Midretta]]: daughter of Uturnus, subsequently deified as goddess of healers and medics
:[[Uturnus]]: first ruler of Midretasso, transformed into divinity
:[[Uturnos]]: first ruler of Midretasso, transformed into divinity

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This list is intended for minor deities and demigods. Divinities are arranged by cultural groupings. It does not necessarily include divinities included in other articles. These are principally minor divinities whose worship extends into modern times. It also includes unmade divinity pages.

It's important to remember that devout Arathracians are much more likely to utter a prayer to one of the many Arathracian Saints. Arathracians of all levels of devotion are especially common in Erechóreb, Nymentho except Xsys, Asbardy, New Erechóreb, and Aracusia. There is a very large minority of Arathracians elsewhere in southern Pytharnia, with some communities having a clear majority.


International Isxinthion
Kanter: lesser god of merchants and messengers (possibly originated from Kalaman merchant gods)
Phaeredon: lesser divinity of oaths made between mortals under the open sky (possibly originated from Ithatian Gods)
Gnar: misshapen troll god who slips through villages at night and takes naughty children back to his lair
Rubia: goddess of beer and beer brewers
Shadew: The river god of the Shadew River. He is often called the Old Man of the Valley.
Trinor: minor god of bridges and fords
Maurgeth Kinsha: A Saint or godling that wanders the roads around dusk to lead people from harm back to safety
Aididh: protective goddess of maidens and brides
Basgeleth: lesser divinities that roam the world as glowing specters, usually at night or dusk, thought by the Moigthe to be the spirits of the gods and heroes of the ancient Neptultchi
Nebhnera: goddess of the peaceful dead, protectress of burials and gravesites
Nemantshi: goddess of household gardens
Shantach: god of barns and farmers
Shelig: god of bridges and fords
Slu Bishin: old woman with magical powers who gives gifts to children on Autumn Equinox, compare Bishin and Zay the Moonkeep.
Smeadra: goddess of the fire under the open sky
Tamtam Pumpkin Man: anthropomorphic pumpkin that protects the harvest from malevolent entities
Thacgannoch: son or grandson of the goddess Dáwan, Thacgannoch lives in sea caves and can be helpful or harmful to fishermen.
Ganfflara: goddess of the alpine meadows, matron of gontha herders
Harth: god of farmers and the tilth
Mewddilt: little goddess of portals, gates, and transitional passages
Puddfi: younger son of Parkulliam who protected the ancient kings of Mipnor
Thowsdrin: god of greetings and partings
Yddwmion: godling of the dusk
Draiknumor: ancient hero, progenitor of ancient Durandworese
Gomia: Goddess of Retribution. She is an analogy of the law of attraction and vibration. She represents the power of natural or universal retribution, not artificial or man-made retribution.
Iphotha: goddess who protects young boys
Pradras: god of heralds
Sabdica: goddess of sacred groves and the hunt
Sadva: goddess who possesses whirling pilgrims
Tuida: goddess of sacred springs in Verdida
Verdia: goddess of the city of Verdida
Zay: minor divinity who gives gifts to children on Autumn Equinox.
Gonfaloy, Ambrasia, Amosgire

The god Amrulon is of great importance in Gonfaloy as well as the three goddesses, Dáwan, Devahlia, and Dasironessa. The goddess Dáunau is also of great honor.

Ambrin: goddess of the hunt and sacred groves
Aigchu: god of pilgrims and wanderers
Gawryth: hero divinity, combination of Rhaunvish and Gonfalese characters, shrine in eastern Amosgire, warrior
Glambsa: goddess of harvest
Nagcha: goddess of the spring harvest (overwinter vegetables: onions, shallots, garlic, spring onions, perpetual spinach, broad beans, peas, asparagus, carrots, parsnips, arugula,)
Rhaunfo: The River god, Rhaunve.
Rhaunvoig: goddess who watches over peddlers and mendicants who float in rafts and boats on the Rhaunve River. The river itself is personified by the god Rhaunfo.
Shechwbrin: god of lanterns and lost persons
Hamaudh-Wesher Civilization
Awzar: Son of Wesher, forebear of the demi-mortal Awzarites and the Awzarite Kings
Wesher: Arch-Titan, semi-divinity, founder of Hamaudh-Wesher Civilization
High Pytharnia, Magdala
Bishin: lesser divinity who gives gifts to children on autumn equinox, compare Zay the Moonkeep, Throvy, or Slu Bishin, Asbardy
Blaharnag: god of winter snows and cold, wet weather
Dindrig: mischievous god of lost belongings
Echnare: god of propitious beginnings
Elegswona: goddess of those who make and employ knives
Espa: goddess of the grain harvest.
Finshel: god of shadows in alleys and homes
Glumol: god of the caverns within the earth
Gothat Fambigroke: god of debtors who receives prayers from the steps of bankers and whose temples are funded by money-lenders
Iochlan: god associated with swans
Kas: god of Lake Kasgo, he is the personification of the lake.
Kirrith: goddess of birds
Lady Glamdra: goddess of the hunt, companion to Lord Hewern
Laghda: god of herbs and potions
Linthala: goddess of maidens
Lord Hewern: god of the hunt
Nemanta: goddess of household gardens
Nerdha: god of contemplative silence
Shimdoodle: god of chimney sweeps
Spurgue: god of butchers and meatsellers
Twathy Gnonk: god of the youthful dead
Yaine Gumgully: demigod of orphans and protector of the parentless
High Shadevan Tribes
Baki: Yeti demon
Jagúdah: Mountains, Hibernation, Deepearth
K'chobi: Forests, Sacred Trees
Súlat: Mountain Lakes, Prophecies, Other-Realmly Gates
Yuka: Wolves
Hmœssite (Antediluvian)
Shumu: Fate, Cosmic Destiny
Raash: Waters of Creation, Primeval Wonder
Agmatzúl: god of crocodiles and death
Agrammoch: god of desert windstorms
Bahuz: god of the horned river fish
Dag: god of the elephants
Dumak: god of the bones of the dead
Hebsheth: mother goddess, possible predecessor or type for the goddess Ishmût
Hesh: god of the solitary desert
Isdekhel: Deific personification of the Esdekhel River
Khasprau: goddess of the sacred fire who watches over the ancient kings of Hoernect.
Meher-Sha: god of descents, such as into underground tombs or into valleys
Nezra: goddess of sun-moon
Oonka: god of shape-changing
Pasgouatz: fruit-bellied god of abundance
Phu: bird-headed goddess of the sky
Rauha'at: god of sphinxes, andro-sphinxes, and wanderers
Tiymun: god of stewards, chief of the household gods
Zah, Zahu: supreme god of the sun
Zamu: companion goddess of the sun
Zamu-Zah: combined god-goddess of the sun
Glinter: god of the light of dusk just before setting
Miatar: goddess of difficult decisions and hard judgments
Puthos: god of ill-timed words
Ziltho: goddess of abrupt changes and things ended too soon
Malesgg (Hamaudh-Wesher Civilization)
Shekhtez: god of new beginnings
Brinter Brölu: god that watches over the ancestral hearths of non-aristocrats
Chasbroich: lesser god of ascents
Fasnaghda: god of nighttime lightning
Fwrgas: a minor divinity of dragonriders
Galdda: lesser goddess of stewards and stewardesses
Hearty Gosuke: Arathracian Saint of the chronically ill
Hewve: god of the airborne hunt
Ildrädda: goddess of measured time
Laglawth: god of the high rains that fall on the skynesses
Lludrú: god of updrafts, especially on mountains
Oidan: household god of supplies
Rhänbirra: goddess of gardens and decorative pools
Samsa: goddess of thieves and spies
Nemsel: goddess of ?
Skragimbö: god of ball lightning
Stwrch: godling of ill-timed winds
Syrcha: minor god of shifting wind, there were thought to be many syrcha
Talnabion: lesser god who laughs at night and afflicts laughter on others at night
Tihurddan: goddess of magical auras
Wb: goddess of the humming drone within the skyness
Wewbroig: lesser goddess of perilous descents
Medibgóëse Compass Winds
Oberg: god of the north wind
Llum: god of the south wind
Iriab: god of the east wind
Ddwb: god of the west wind
Giriagchob: god of the southwest wind
Imffrigir: god of the northeast wind
Snachta: god of the northwest wind
Isbabel: god of the southeast wind
Badrusos: god of warriors
Gamonios:patron divinity of necromancers
Gaudras: god of farmers
Midretta: daughter of Uturnus, subsequently deified as goddess of healers and medics
Uturnos: first ruler of Midretasso, transformed into divinity
Djazuh: god of sun and upper atmosphere, worshiped during the city-state period of Shelekhumbia
Duraigon: god of the lash
Hebsheth: Mother goddess, worshiped during the city-state period of Shelekhumbia
Sheg: fish-headed god of wisdom
Shaghamduh: fish-headed servants of Sheg
Duhavi: god of sowing
Amirulliam: god of the spring revival (Azhumá)
Fabfringi: god of sacred springs
Gafgöra: god of mountain updrafts
Kaliba: goddess of spring blossoms
Kavir: The snow eagle god who serves Thwar
Niknuk: god who protects against goblins and aids those who fight goblins. Niknuk is thought to be half-human and half-dwarven.
Özluta: god of the harvest
Snee: god of snowy mountain tops (son of Bur)
Sordra: goddess of the frozen dead (of those who died by cold)
Thuspel: god of skiing
Throvy (Jecubia)
Aurissa: Personification deification of the city of Aurice
Golden Phœnice: State Cult of Aurice
Jugozza: goddess of justice gone awry (ill-meted justice)
Limshek: god of wanderers and traveling performers
Paffa, Paff: minor divinity who appears almost always at night and warns travelers of danger, Lucky Paff is associated with several old bridges.
Shladzi: god thought to steal naughty children and carry them under the earth
Sklumb: swamp dwarf of Goscundy (some say a bearded halfling) who eats stray livestock
Spankara: goddess of nighttime illuminations
Thebed: The river god of Thybdis River
Thybdelish: god of those who travel by river
Tirvishio: god of animal herders
Tmaldio: god of exchanges, weights and measures
Vajdan: god of waste and discarded goods
Zaya the Moonkeep: minor divinity, a crotchety witch who travels in a makeshift airship and delivers gifts to poor children on Autumn Equinox. Although short-tempered, she has a soft spot in her heart for poor children. Her legend probably began in Goscundy, although several Throvian provinces claim her, sometime in the twenty fifth century. She has spread in one form or another through most of Corundy, Agogia, and southeastern Pytharnia.
Tassan Highlands
Azubis: {chaotic neutral, good tendencies} lesser chaos god of musicians and circus performers
Azeruke: hunter and forest god of the Azerukese
Llaxnutzli: goddess who hunts small animals
Nifshib: god of stealth
Pakipagu: god of snakes
Shadsool: god of night-time offerings
Dhumiyokhshi: three minor goddesses who press grapes and are worshiped by wine-makers

Most Weshifites are Imzaami, but a few privately worship the old gods.

Bawikr: god of brigands and desert thieves
Istul: goddess of the cloudless night
Kalbayun: god of the desert flute
Shaph: goddess of the night-time lights of the heavens and of astronomers
Keshekwe:Sylvan Godling of the Alithrinx Forest

Most Zarajoveni are Imzaami. Before their conversion, they worshiped non-Isxinthionic sky gods. Their pantheon was headed by a kind of Sky Father.

Tamja: Sky god, lord of the Ukchamul Pantheon.
Shuka: Consort to Tamja, goddess of the fallen rain
Akumbalah: Elephant god
Habilu: Turtle god
Hadakti: Monkey god
Khiva: Fire goddess, volcanoes
Lharthma: Rumor goddess
Pagumah: Storm god
Shukhira: Magic, Sorcery
Yutha: Cow goddess
Zillo: goddess of Snakes, Lust, Venomous Spiders

Local Cult Variations of Widely Worshiped Divinities

Lygdamion Bombitor: Buzzing Lygdamion
Nesbiria of the Birth Pangs:
Orclanx of the Judge's Throne:
Parkia of the Birth Chamber:
Tribunal Orkybanth:
Thwar of the Oaken Grove:

Humanlikes & Miscellaneous

Great Dragon (Kv): a patriarchal dragon figure worshiped by dragons and draconic creatures; Great Dragon is a counterpart to Xhalb'ithût.
Tas (Kv): Gargot Grandfather
Dwarven (Ithradic)
Baihut: numinous deification of the ancient law of the dwarves
Dagorunar: Dwarven demi-god of titancraft, legend attributes him to the end of the ice age and the great flood of Aturyanda. Cf exclamation "Shim Dagorunar!" Benevolent Dagorunar
Deku-Sha: god of dwarves, kingship, fatherhood
Dennamahi: god of deepearth, earthen treasures, mining, miners
Emerg: god of gemstones, gem-cutting, greed
Emrad: god of knowledge, record-keeping, writing, laws
Gémel-Gund: god of contracts and obligations
Kolib: god of exile, redemption, dwarven pilgrimages and pilgrims
Minnu: a dwarven craft god (one of many)
Sekkaurik: goddess of dwarven maidens, the earth
Shekkallaz: god of war and revenge
Shelu-Ka: goddess of childbirth, wisdom, earth
Yomb: a chaos god worshiped in the Jaggudorns by the dwarves during the Middle Ages of Chaos.

Adamantine Giants

Anyamuna Giants

Gorcorumbese Giants

Shandkhaya: Gorcorumbese god of magic

Jaffgorner Giants

Aboru: son of Jaffgoru and Iduma, the Wandering One,
Iduma: Goddess of the High Earth, Mother and Wife to Jaffgoru
Jaffgoru: Eponymous father of the Jaffgorner Giants. His birthplace is a holy site on the slopes of Mount Jave.
Maatch'i: The Paatchudeek mount of Aboru
Nifsidji: not truly gods, but the priestesses of the goddess Iduma
T'usala: not truly gods, but powerful shamans of the Jaffgorner Giants

Kemerite Giants

Hugnast: Kemerite god who hunts the Neptultchi
Ithrabbi Fishfolk
Hersp (Kv): god and Prince of the Ithrabbi,
Sh’nulpxhak (Kv) and Pashpachwaxhak (Kv): giant tadpoles or fries that serve Hersp
Tsalöyigg, god of southern Ithrabbi in the Turtle Sea
Xhalb’ithût (Kv): great demonic goddess, mother of Hersp and Shalb.
Xhaltsek (Kv): son of Hersp and founder of priestly rulers of the Ithrabbi.
Jykki (Orc)
Emkh: goddess of darkness, treachery, underground passages
J'kha'a: Bloodthirst, Victory, Jykki Heroism
Tchaza: Blood rage
Tsek: Jykki Slave-warriors
Ummak: Desolation, Wasting, Plunder
Urguzh: Lord of Jykki, Great Horde
Zebbuza: Consort to Urguzh
Kvarragan Gods

These are gods worshiped by the deepearth inhabitants of Kvarraga. The letters (Kv) next to a divinity designate it as such

Segothah: god of the lizardfolk
Lords of Creation
Satrimah Culcávah: Chief of the Lords of Creation, divinity of light, meditation, inner truth
Bersabee: Creation, Childbirth, Service
Kuriodoulos: slavery and mastery
Orion Pharao: Colossal greatness, Creation, Majesty
Illuminius: New-born Stars, Light
Yatis Ultorrë: law, learning, writing
G'thebtah: hermetic wisdom, occult knowledge, magic
Mimbbuke (Halflings)

See also Halfling Waygods

Lufa: mimbbuke goddess of the earth and valleys
Reng: Wanderers, Thieves
Shreg: mimbbuke god of ways and means, son of Lufa
Minor Chaos Divinities

An ozhorg, ozorgho, ozorzio, etc.' is an entity that represents a state of consciousness. The ozhorg were sometimes 'anthropomorphized' to have a personality.

Dagugák: ozhorg of sexual pleasure
Llablallab: ozhorg of life-force
Tingune: ozhorg of tingling, itching, and other subtle but often annoying sensations
Shadevan Trolls
Nazhg: goddess queen of Shadevan Trolls
Abominatrix (Kv): Demoness of filth and uncleanness, that which is loathsome
Agmatzúl: crocodile god of human sacrifice, death, necromancy. Worshiped in Pytharnia, elsewhere.
Asgazool: demon lord worshiped in northern Barathorn, divinity of necromancy, seen as the son of Taarnascious
Babnoosboti (Kv): demon lord of death and dismemberment, see also Babnoosbotiac and Chuläan
Dagdamon: Demon Lord of frogs and fish; head of frog, body of fish; worshiped by fishfolk, frogfolk, and troglodytes
Gilzubbel: demon lord of assassins, stealth
Glaw (Kv): demon lord of despair and gloom
Gloki (Kv): Lord of infamous Minions-of-Gloki.
Jubibat: Demon Lady of Jealousy, assassination, sister to Onyabat
Onyabat: Demon Lady of Revenge, assassination, sister to Jubibat
Orriaroc: Demon Lord of confusion, mayhem
Psychogorgon: Demon Lord, devourer of souls, damnation
Ruka: Revenge, Stealth, Treachery
Shalb (Kv), aka Xhalb': demonic divinity of the deepearth, son of Xhalb'ithût, worshiped by the underworld elves
Xhalb'ithût (Kv): Many-tentacled mother of Shalb, she is also deemed the mother of Hersp.
Zeliva: demoness of the sea, she has six limbs.
Apollyomenus: Lord of Destruction and controlled rage
Baalrabsheol (Kv): Archdevil and patron god of Dor-Gazaw
Belizah: Queen of Deception, Seduction, Covetousness
Bubuna (Kv): Umyami goddess, mother of mischief
Olibzeel (Kv): Arch-Devil of cruelty, lordship, and the dracknaughts; draconic
Taarnascious: Devil Lord of treachery, death, necromancy, and the Taarnacks
Wild Pytharnia
Kree: god of beastfolk
Yami (cf Gakhyami)
Bubuna (Kv): Umyami goddess, mother of mischief
Inansha (Kv): Goddess of Umyami Sorcerers
Umumoma (Kv): Gakhyami god of the mysterious depths and impenetrable darkness
Uglyami (Hobgoblins)
Udakibeh: God of Uglyami (compare Hobgoblins)
Yazhnu: God of skyflight and hobgoblin kings
Zho'ah: Royal Hobgoblins, torture
Dagunyami (Bugbears)
Khulbib: Kingship, cruelty
Shagushagu: Jaggudorner Dagunyami god, son of the River God Shadew
Ssubat (Kv): Troglodyte god of the deepearth worshiped by various humanlikes
Xothurg (Kv): chthonic god of wealth, favored by dwarves during the Middle Ages of Chaos

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