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Combinations of three gods are considered particularly powerful and triple goddesses are worshiped widely throughout Asdar.

Cosmic Triad

These are the three goddesses sometimes thought to guard the Cosmic Tree. This role is sometimes given to other goddesses, especially in later myths.

Depictions in Art

The Cosmic triad of Eriu, Magdaia, and Parkia is portrayed in different ways. One school portrays the goddesses Eriu and Magdaia enthroned and looking across to each other. The goddess Parkia stands in between in the middle. In another portrayal, Eriu stands in the middle with Magdaia and Parkia on either hand.

Durrhaunvian Triad

(Daughters of Dáunau and Threy)

Dáwan is the eldest and represents the skilled talent of the mature artist. Devahlia represents subtlety and magic. Dasironessa represents playfulness and youthful beauty.

Depictions in Art

In depictions of the past three centuries (2400 to 2700), these goddesses are portrayed as follows. Dáwan is enthroned and crowned, facing the viewer, Devahlia is standing to her side, facing to Dáwan's right, and Dasironessa is kneeling along the other side of Dáwan, facing to Dáwan's left. In other depictions, usually more ancient, all three goddesses are standing, with Dáwan in the middle, displaying her backside and her head turned nearly around, Devahlia on one side displaying her side or at least the side of her head, and Dasironessa on the other side with her front exposed or mostly exposed.


The Dhumiyokhshi are three divinities of the grape harvest in Rhiony and Vimalia. They are associated with the harvest of grapes and the production of wine. In modern Rhiony and Vimalia, there are festivals and processions to honor these divinities in autumn.

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