List of the Emperors of Medibgö

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The great skynesses of Medibgö were ruled by various chieftains of the Medibgösk Tribes who were largely cooperative with one another before the empire. They recognized the spiritual oversight of the priests of Rhio or Rhionites who claimed direct descent from the ancestral hero Meidb who was the son of the god Rhio by the Elamahti woman, Safreti. The Rhionites were themselves the scions of many nobles who ruled great skynesses and they intermarried with the native Tuadbe Dragon Knights who had given their loyalty in service to the Medibgösk conquerors.

Probably influenced by the central states of the Ithatians and later Midretasso, the nobles of Medibgösk began a struggle for hegemony of all the great skynesses.

first unification, 456 AI Smalfalgö Dynasty, 456 to 517 disunification, 514 to 526 Smalfalgö Dynasty Restoration, 526 to 708 599 AI, Medibgö becomes a client state Garichäb Dynasty, 708 to 1011 Llewffaga Dynasty, 1011 to Askewr Dynasty Hewffamba Dynasty, 2397 to Geichabdd Dynasty

List of the Emperors of Medibgö Smalfalgö 268 to 347
Order Name Dynasty Birth Year Years of Reign Length of Reign Death Year Remarks
1 Ffaddgiól I Smalfalgö 456 to 473 ~17 473 unifier of Medibgö, First Emperor of Medibgö
2 Ffaddgiól II Smalfalgö to ~9 356
3 Thawchbörin I Smalfalgö to ~27 383

Disunification, 514 to 526

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