List of the Rulers of Thrace

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Thrace has been ruled by humans for over three thousand years.

List of Rulers of Thrace: Zalladan Dynasty 2497 to 2576 (~ years)
Dynasty Given Name Birth Years of Reign Length of Reign Death Remarks
Zalladan Vamudz ? x 2497 to x ~x x
Zalladan Vädudz Vamudzund x x to 2523 ~x 2523
Zalladan Väduk Vädudzund 2471 2523 to 2546 ~23 2546 2539, overthrows domination of First Commander of Thrace, Khamilúk Epavi Khabur
Zalladan Ädaz Vädukund 2506 2546 to 2573 ~27 2573 Battle of Pytharnia, 2573 Mistmoon; dies 2573 Magdymoon
Zalladan Ondaz Ädazund 2543 2573 to 2576 ~3 2613 crowned 2573 Magdymoon; Monarchy Abolished after Occupation of Thrace

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