Lords of Creation

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The Lords of Creation are a pantheon of divinities worshiped among philosophers and the ruling classes of Kalama and elsewhere throughout the Pallathantic. Their attribution to the ancient dwarves of the Jaggudorns is thought nowadays to be a poetical convenience. Titanists believe their worship originates from the ancient Aarokinian Titans of Disradún. There number is almost always seven, although this has been expanded with retainers, servants, and even wives. Knowledge of them survives through the dwarves and ancient Kalaman writers.

The Lords of Creation are not openly worshiped and their observances are conducted in the homes of the wealthy and the private rooms of the palaces of rulers, for they receive nothing in the way of temples and publicly paid priests. Philosophical writings about them say they only have temples in the high valleys of the Jaggudorns which is thought to be a literary creation.

List of the Lords of Creation

Divinity Descriptive Portfolio
Satrimah Culcávah Light, Meditation, Inner Truth
Bersabee Bersabæan Creation, Childbirth, Service
Kuriodoulos Mastery, Slavery, Duality
Orion Pharaon Orion-Pharaonic Colossal Greatness, Creation, Majesty
Illuminius Illuminic Newborn Stars, Light
Yatis Ultorrë Light, Meditation, Inner Truth
G'thebtah Hermetic Wisdom, Occult Knowledge, Magic

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