Lords of Light

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The seven Lords of Light are part of a very ancient religion that according to Kalaman epics was practiced by the ruling elite and the titans throughout the antediluvian world and persists today among the Amandal Dwarves. The most prominent divinity is Satrimah Culcávah. The other divinities in this hebdomad are Bersabee, divinity of creation, childbirth, service, Kuriodoulos, divinity of mastery and slavery, Orion Pharao, divinity of colossal greatness, majesty, and creation, Illuminius, divinity of new-born stars and light, Yatis Ultorrë, divinity of law, learning, and writing, and G'thebtah, divinity of Hermetic Wisdom, Occult Knowledge, and Magic. Some scholars see a connection between the Lords of Light and the original Phœnix divinity worshiped among the Amandal Dwarves which became the origin of the Aurician Cult of the Golden Phœnice.

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