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Flag of the Imperial Province of the Magdalanate with the White Lion of House Llyffclaw
The Magdalanate with neighboring principalities

The Magdalanate is in the middle of the Pytharnian Highlands and the core province of the Empire of Magdala. The Magdalanate rests between Lake Kasgo and Lake Thrundgally. Many towns and cities are found in the hilly lands of Magdala, not the least of which is the great capital city of Trevirs and the imperial capital, Royal Trevirs. The Emperor of Magdala appoints the lord governor of the Magdanalate who governs in his behalf. The cities of the Magdalanate are under his administration, except for the city of Trevirs and imperial chartered cities which are answerable to the Emperor through the Council of Cities. The Magdalanate is named after the Magdala who are the priestesses of the goddess Magdaia which is the imperial cult. The flag of the imperial province bears the head of the White Lion, the device of Imperial House Llyffclaw. The Magdalanate is bounded by the Duchy of Lehélindur to the north, the Duchy of Preaguish to the west, the County of Thlithneen to the southeast, the County of Onathal to the south, the Duchy of Velve to the south-south east, and the Viceroyalty of Jagohr to the east. The Viceroyalty of Jagohr is not part of the Empire of Magdala.

In addition to Trevirs and Royal Trevirs, other cities and towns of the Magdalanate include Beleg Ferra, Breyhune, Drandin, Freigonda, Gaspidune, Gereldri, Glothune (Imperial Charter), Hernoyel, Iffrigladin, Pentrudel, Pifferprast, Strood (Imperial Charter), Urnanc, and Vectrune (Imperial Charter).

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