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The divided Golden Empire of Pytharnia in the twelfth century

The Golden Empire of Pytharnia is a historic Yophenthean Successor State which originally included all of southern Pytharnia, including Ambrulia. The Golden Empire is so called for the Arathraciot Yophenthean Dynasties that ruled it through its history from the eleventh to the middle twelfth century. The Golden Empire endured as a single entity, surviving the secession of subject peoples, including the Ithradic Dwarves, the Disdrirn Elves, and the Medibgösk, and continual assaults from the sky-warriors of Thrace, gakhyami, and the decline of central authority in Trevirs and later Bryndyd. The Golviaril Dynasty ruled the entire empire for the longest until 1127 when the Deavingeal Dynasty wrested the western empire and established their capital in Bryndyd until 1140, outlasting the Golviaril Dynasty by about thirteen years. While both dynasties acknowledged the authority of the Erechórebese Sunfathers, the Deavingeal Dynasty worked in greater cooperation with the Erechórebese Sunfather and claimed they were purifying the church and preparing for re-unification with the island. Both kingdoms eventually succumbed to external invasions and internal discord. The Golden Empire of Pytharnia preserved much older, Yophenthean Law, the use of the Classical Yophenthean Language, and protected humans from the rising onslaught of humanlikes and sky warriors. The dynasties propped themselves up as kings, acknowledged the ecclesiastical power of the Erechórebese Sunfather, and defended the Arathracian Religion. (Full Article...)

Did you know...

  • Did you know the the Obd-Ihrimûk is a stout reptilian beast of burden used by the dwarves of the Ithrads to this day?
  • Did you know that the Alchemical College of the Magdalanate offers advanced interdisciplinary studies in esoteric gnosis, arcanism, elementalism, numinology, transmutation, and polycosmism, especially as they relate to alchemical practice?
  • Did you know that the Archducal Treasure Towns were created in the twenty fifth century during the rule of the Princes-Governor of Bryndyd, appointed by Medibgö, when they were simply called the 'Treasure Towns of Bryndyd'?
  • Did you know that the Mensary is the dominating round platform at the center of the Great Curial Hall of the Senatorial Palace or the platform on which it stands, and, by association refers to the power of the Senate and is the basis of the Aurician expression, "to approach the Mensary"?
  • Did you know that Panseeing is essential to the practice of the arcane arts?

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Map of the Boroughs of Trevirs

Great City of Trevirs

Trevirs is the most populous human city in the Pallathantic Region with 960,000 inhabitants, the fourth most populous in the old world, and heir to a past reaching back into the mists of human history. Trevirs rests atop a large prominence of hills in the Magdalanate of the Empire of Magdala. The Palace of the Imperial Diet rests in Trevirs. Historically, Trevirs was also the place of the Imperial Palace. The city is sometimes called Great Trevirs to distinguish it expressly from Royal Trevirs. Trevirs arose in very ancient times as a Pytharnian Giant settlement and eventually came under control of various human tribes. Since the Fall of the Yophenthean Empire, Trevirs has served as an important skyport between the western Jaggudorns, Medibgö, and the Pallathantic Region. Trevirs is the financial capital of southeastern Pytharnia and the seat of the headquarters of several important organizations including the Dwarven Dragonrail Guild of Pytharnia and the Sovereign Archguild of Master Titancrafters of Pytharnia. Trevirs remains the seat of the Palace of the Imperial Diet of Magdala. (Full Article...)


The Magic Portal, although just a stub, now has a sizable collection of links to topics related to Magic. (Full Article...)

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Galimshara is old Asdaran 'wanderwort' that means any reptilian beast of burden. The word originates from the Jathya-Dhumi word, galimsharum. All Galimshara as reptiles or possibly amphibians, must be placed under the law-lock in order to be controlled by humans and other humanlikes. (See Full Article...)

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