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Medibgóëse Gonfaloy is a dependency of Medibgö in southern Pytharnia.

Medibgóëse Gonfaloy is a dependency of the Empire of Medibgö. Before the creation of the Principality of Gonfaloy as a consequence of the Peace of Amyrn (2671), the land of Gonfaloy was governed under a single entity and simply called Gonfaloy. After the the creation of the independent entity of the Principality of Gonfaloy, the remaining, original dependency became more commonly called Medibgóëse Gonfaloy to distinguish it from the Principality. The capital of Medibgóëse Gonfaloy with the residence of the Prince-Governor has been in Ddwbha since the late twenty fourth century.

Medibgóëse Gonfaloy shares borders with the Archpatriarchy of Ambrasia and the Duchy of Ogentir which is part of the Empire of Magdala. Medibgóëse Gonfaloy is separated from the Republic of Gliri by the Glirt Strait.


Governorship of Medibgóëse Gonfaloy

The Flag of Medibgóëse Gonfaloy

The land has been ruled by princes-governor appointed by the rulers of Medibgö irregularly since the late twenty fourth century with the resurgence of the Medibgóëse Empire. The longest periods of the absence of Medibgóëse oversight were during the Middle Ages of Chaos, the First Kalikán Empire, and the New Kalikán Empire. The Emperor of Medibgö in consultation with his own government and the high-born families of Medibgóëse Gonfaloy appoints the Prince-Governor who reigns at the emperor's pleasure. The Prince-Governor while very powerful has traditionally deferred, particularly in non-military matters, to the wishes of the High Curia of Gonfaloy which consists of the nobles, deputies of the chartered cities, and, recently, the magistrates of some corpora mercia. The present ruler of Medibgóëse Gonfaloy is Prince-Governor Samaddail Braiwve.

The flag of Medibgóëse Gonfaloy displays two fields. The right field is red. The left field is white with a red side profile of a wind divinity. The wind divinity is traditional symbol in Medibgóëse cultural associated with its occupation of the skynesses of Medibgö, its reliance of aerial conveyance, and dependence upon the winds.

Like the rest of the human states of southern Pytharnia, Medibgóëse Gonfaloy has a rich tradition of Dragonmount Warfare and a regiment of dragonmount warriors is maintained in Ddwbha.

Map of Medibgóëse Gonfaloy showing the boundaries of the sundry prefectures and municipalities

International Relations

Medibgóëse Gonfaloy is not a member of the Union of Pytharnia, despite its dependency upon Medibgö. This is partly due to the nature of its dependency and partly because it wishes to draw the people of the Principality of Gonfaloy back into its rule. This is politically unlikely and there is a growing faction in Medibgóëse Gonfaloy that wishes for complete independence from Medibgö and then re-unification of both Gonfaloys. Medibgóëse Gonfaloy has several treaties with Ambrasia concerning immigration, taxation, repatriation. These are important as Ambrasia also has a strong heritage of Gonfalese people and there is considerable regular commerce and transit between the two states.

Medibgóëse Gonfaloy is a compact member of the Sovereign Archguild of Master Titancrafters of Pytharnia.

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