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The Medibgösk are the human settlers of Aksiluva who became known as the Medibgóëse in the twenty fifth century through the renown of the Medibgóëse Empire. The term Medibgösk generally means the ethnic group or the language before that period of time, though in common use the terms are often employed interchangeably. The Medibgösk claim Meidb as their ancestral forebear. Some Medibgösk are evidently Tuadbe in origin and this especially true of those who are hereditary dragon knights. With the passage of centuries, the Medibgösk became a medley of Medibgösk, Tuadbe, and Pytharnian ancestry. Legend says the ancient Medibgösk sorcerers would kidnap the children of Pytharnian farmers to provide their sons with wives and servants. Medibgö served as a refuge for sorcerers and wizards during the Yophenthean Empire, so there is potentially a bit of many races in their blood.

Medibgösk are known for producing powerful sorcerers and training the youngest sorcerers since birth. They were very class-oriented with spellcasters comprising the ruling caste and household servants as a subservient class. The dragon knights are somewhere in between. Today, the household class has waned greatly and most work is performed by guest-workers who employ titancraft machinery.

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