Middle Ages of Chaos

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The Middle Ages of Chaos is the period of history from circa 1800 to circa 2250 or a 450 year period. It is the second half of the greater period known as the Middles Ages (ca 1000 AI to ca 2250). During this time in the Pallathantic, the rule of countries and tribes generally passed from the hands of monarchs, archpatriarchs, and manorial rulers into the hands of immensely powerful spellcasters who relied on the power of chaos magic and worship. The gods of Chaos grew in importance with the expansion of their cults and the public acknowledgement of their powers. The period came to an end around the middle of the 23rd century with the advent of a series of well-organized and decisive assaults known as the Isbajutha. Similar campaigns were waged by the faithful Imzaami in Weshif, the Disradún, and northern Zephasia.

During the 19th and 20th centuries, humans found Chaos Worship and Chaos Magic useful to fight off the hordes of humanlikes whose powers and numbers had been steadily increasing since the fall of the Yophenthean Empire. Giants, Orcs, Uhlaks, and dragons were particularly menacing in the greater Pallathantic Region. The power and influence of Chaos Magic among humans and the world came to a pitch during the dreadful Anarch Wars.

Some modern scholars theorize that the World Soul underwent an transformation during this period which increased the power and desirability of chaos magic.

Kingdom of Prince Ulcanov at its greatest extent, showing various vassals and neighboring chaos rulers' dominions

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Regnal Name Birth Year Rule Death Dominion Isbajath Cause of Death Remarks
Bexaloth Archmage of the Infinite Elements of Eternal Chaos 2169 2191 to 2302 2302 Asbardy Seventh Isbajath Shadirya of Zephas Associated with Onombria
Copazousa Daughter of Chaos 2094 2179 to 2251 2251 Deliops Fourth Isbajath Accidental Death Death attributed to accident
Ddägduch Lord of the Flying Earth 2162 2209 to 2391 2391 Bambnaskügchawr Ruler of the Skyness Bambnaskügchawr
Ishmutekebessa Goddess-Queen of Leh-Shelekhumbis 2102? to 2286 2286 Shelekhumbia Sixth Isbajath Jamiheya Daughter of the Wind
Lord Kualotha of the Groaning Earth 2238 2257 to 2311 ? Magdala Twelfth Isbajath unknown thought to have fled to another realm
Prince Ulcanov of the Shattered Waters 2087 2119 to 2278 2278 Throvy Fifth Isbajath Gidhoniel kab S'ephah Wielder of the Scarab of Night-Turned-Day
Titney the Magnificent Pest 2057 2083 to 2296 2296 Erechóreb Eighth Isbajath Jedhur Dragonwilled Slays Sunfather Kidorn III in 2083