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An island city dating to very ancient times, Mirrhaimo is a bustling commercial emporium resting on a harbor on the island of Balijahu. The city has variously ruled and been subject to empires over thousands of years. Mirrhaimo enjoys an ideal location in the Strait of Embol that communicates the Memnosian Sea with the Pallathantic Sea. Mirrhaimo is an autonomous municipality loosely allied with the Duchy of Desthor. The predominant language is Ithatian.

The Island of Balijahu commands the Strait of Embol


According to Kalaman chronicles, the ruler Jairutthala established Tanshakilu in 7,338 AS. Legend relates that, Chamb and Hukshal, two Kalaman gods, led Jairutthala to the site. Over the next seven millennia, the city was variously independent and subject to the rulers of mainland Kalama. After the Midringir Settlement of the Kalaman Peninsula, Tanshakilu became independent and then allied with Narshad, until it finally became subject to Narshad.

Sometime later, the ancient sky invasions preceding the Yophenthean Empire spread forth from the Jaggudorns through the eastern Pallathantic. The Solmagali tribe conquered the rulers of Tanshakilu and re-named the city Mirrhaimo. Mirrhaimo became subject to the Midretassene Empire and later Yophenthean Empire. During the Middle Ages, it was ravaged by sea and sky piracy. Its most precious tomes were protected by powerful wizards who sadly absconded with some to their private collections. In the late Middle Ages of Chaos, the island was ruled by Asgionantis of the Twilight, a bibliophile wizard who was a vassal of Ishmutekebessa. Mirrhaimo was liberated from the Gorcorumbese Empire during the late twenty seventh century. During this time, some documents were confiscated and taken to Gorcorumb. Many were taken into hiding and have been slowly emerging from private collectors and from within Mirrhaimo over the past fifty years.

Today Mirrhaimo is the chief municipality in the Republic of Balijahu.

Library and College

The city is home the to the Archcollege of Mirrhaimo which owns the world-famous Library of Mirrhaimo. Most of the city's modern-day commerce is focused on the college and the library. The college is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious institutions of its kind in the world.


Mirrhaimo is dependent upon the sea which governs the lion's share of its trade. Admission and tuition fees account for a large minority of the city-state's revenues. Enterprises includes fishing, shipping, warehousing, and there is a sizable portion dedicated to the trade of goods illegal in other jurisdictions. The printing press industry is largely unregulated and a brisk trade in unstamped books flourishes with foreigners accounting for nearly three quarters of bookseller's income. A ship's manifest indicating passage through Mirrhaimo is sure to garner added attention from customs officials in many ports.

Map of Mirrhaimo shown in the Bay of Saint Salmakhamer

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