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The months of the common year have had different names through the centuries, depending upon the culture. These are the names commonly used as translated into English throughout the Pallathantic. The Common Year begins on Summer Solstice, considered the holiest day of the year, especially to the sun god, Amrulon. The duration of a month was originally conceived of as the lunar cycle of sunmoon which is about twenty five days long (24.366 exactly). There are about 384 days in the year.

The Arathracian Calendar, conversely, is used by the Arathracian Church for Arathracian Feasts, Festivals, and Holy Days. It is also important for historians studying the Yophenthean Empire.

Table of Months of the Common Year

These are the established months of the common years along with their lengths. These are traditionally ascribed to Saint Salmakhamer, although Arathracians disagree on this matter.

Months and Days of the Common Year
Order Month Days Zodiacal Sign Season Month Symbol Abbreviation
1 Amrulmoon 26 Holy Pair High Summer (Solstice) Sun Amm
2 Eshmoon 25 *(26) Harp Late Summer Esm
3 Rhiomel 26 Sword Early Autumn Bunch of Grapes Rml
4 Bralmoon 25 Winged Lion Autumn (Equinox) Centaur Brm
5 Mistmoon 26 Dolphin Autumn Msm
6 Parkmoon 25**(26) Leviathan Late Autumn Pkm
7 Hearthmoon 26 Mermaid Early Winter Hearth or campfire Hrm
8 Nightmoon 26 Musimonius, Raven High Winter (Solstice) Nim
9 Threymoon 26 Raven, Bull High Winter Thm
10 Budmoon 25 Bull Late Winter Bdm
11 Magdymoon 26 Dragon Egg, City Early Spring Mgm
12 Gallimoon 25 City, Torch Spring (Equinox) Glm
13 Dawmoon 26 Addan Spring Dwm
14 Addanmoon 25 **(26) Addan, Eagle Late Spring Adm
15 Erreclose 26 Eagle & Gate Early Summer Gate Erc
  • *Every ninth year, an extra day is added to Eshmoon, bringing the length up to 26 days. This is called an 'amber year.' This count is reset at the beginning of the next century. Thus the years for an amber year are the same every century, ending in the numbers: -9, -18, -27, -36, -45, -54, -63, -72, -81, -90, -99.
  • ** Every 100 years, an extra day is added to Addanmoon and to Parkmoon, respectively, bringing the length up to 26 days for each month. This is called a 'centurion year.' This happens on the year that ends in '00.'

Days of the Month

The days of the month are commonly measured from beginning to end by number. In former times, they were divided into three parts, measured from the first day, the ninth day, and the eighteenth day. The notion of a seven day period of time such as the week is foreign to most Asdarans. The closest similarity is the eight-day "week" or ogdoad of the Arathracian Calendar which is not used in the Common Year.

Nine Years of the Amber Year Cycle

There are nine years in an amber year cycle. The one hundredth year called a centurion year is not part of this cycle, but counted separately. Each year is associated with a specific creature.

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