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The Kalikán-Ephysgæes Pact divided the Pallathantic into the New Kalikán Empire and the Gorcorumbese Empire of the Ephysgæes.

The New Kalikán Empire (aka Thracian Empire), 2537 to 2576, arose from the conquests of Khabur (2529 to 2536).

Improvements in skycraft technology, especially the Kharrhu-Visha (2510), enabled the more prolific manufacture of lighter, more mobile, and longer ranged vessels of the sky. Additionally, the invention and use of the aerobarge (2517) enabled the transportation of troops and materiel in the foothills of the Jaggudorns and eventually elsewhere in the Thracian Empire. Aerobarge troopships could bring dwarvenfire-armed combatants swiftly to battles and to the battlefront in the Shadevan Plateau and also throughout Pytharnia which was the core of the extra-Jaggudornian territory of the Thracian Empire. The development and use of the obusier in Thrace gave the Thracians a military advantage in battle before the competition of antiphlogistics in the following century.

The term 'New Kalikán Empire' was popularly employed at home and abroad as a resurgence in the ethnic nationalism of the Kalikán people of Thrace. It is the last powerful period of the Kalikán up to the present time. The Kalikán allied with the Geddamin and created the basis for a powerful animus against them in the hearts and minds of other human nations, leading to the Reduction of Thrace.

Like Vankkagomir and Khabur before, the true rulers of the Kalikán were the military and the king served only as a religious and cultural figurehead who was held in great reverence. There are numerous aristocratic families in Pytharnia and in east Asdauria that can trace their heritage back to Thracian nobility as their ancestors were installed into positions of power during the 26th century.

In addition to defeat and occupation, Thrace suffered civil war that nearly had the royal family executed and saw the execution and exile of several military rulers.

King-Emperor, King of Thrace, Emperor of the Kalikán, figurehead

Chronology of the New Kalikán Empire

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