Nine Medibgóëse Muses

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The Nine Medibgóëse Muses represent various, successive magical states of consciousness and were taught early on in the training of a young mage, especially in Medibgö and other schools that derived from the Medibgóêse system of magic. They are thought to have correspondence with the nine Phœnix-Dragons. The value of three is of great esoteric significance in arcane studies. The number nine is particularly valued as the power of three times itself. The number twenty seven, 3 to the third power is also seen as significant.

In some systems, the first three muses are the first trinity, associated with the power of magic in the physical and natural world. The second trinity are associated with magic in the spiritual or esoteric world. The third or last trinity of muses represent the power of magic in the transcendental or divine world. The muses have been roughly compared to the seven chakras, ascending from the lowest chakra which is part of the physical or elemental world, through the fourth chakra which is considered part of the spiritual world, and ending with the seventh chakra which is the culmination of transcendence, although the correspondence is imperfect between seven and nine.

Nine Muses

1 Orähü
2 Tewchtöigh
3 Ewba
4 Rhewderg
5 Llewddrag
6 Ameddwrg
7 Svamen:
8 Brälown
9 Dachna

Correspondences with Chakras

Number NAME Chakra Color Chakra Density Numeric Value
1 Orähü Black Pre-Root Chakra Previous Octave 0
2 Tewchtöigh Red Root Chakra 1st 1
3 Ewba Orange Sacral Chakra 2nd 2
4 Rhewderg Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra 3rd 3
5 Llewddrag Green Heart Chakra 4th 4
6 Ameddwrg Blue Throat Chakra 5th 5
7 Svamen Indigo Third Eye Chakra 6th 6
8 Brälown Violet Crown Chakra 7th 7
9 Dachna White Beyond Crown Chakra Next Octave 8

Associated Types of Magic

1 Orähü
grounding magic, anti-magic, neutralization magic
2 Tewchtöigh
elemental magic
3 Ewba
animal magic, plant magic, healing magic
4 Rhewderg
healing magic, human relations, mind-influencing magic
5 Llewddrag
healing magic, love magic, emotional magic, artistic, human relations; reality alteration
6 Ameddwrg
communication magic, some forms of healing magic; light, phantasms, illusions
7 Svamen
shape-changing, seeing magic, true-seeing, transmutation, transformation, creation, resurrection magic, reincarnation
8 Brälown
wish magic, transcendent magic, gateway magic
9 Dachna
transcendent magic beyond our ability to grasp

The Three Triads

Natural or Physical Magic
1 Orähü, 2 Tewchtöigh, 3 Ewba
Spiritual or Metaphysical Magic
4 Rhewderg, 5 Llewddrag, 6 Ameddwrg
Divine or Transcendental Magic
7 Svamen, 8 Brälown, 9 Dachna

The Five Odds

The Five Odd Muses, one, three, five, seven, and nine, hold special significance. They are associated with group, collective, or unity consciousness.

The Four Evens

The Four Even Muses, two, four, six, and eight, hold special significance. They are associated with individual consciousness

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