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[fr Ithradic Dwarven, plural: obud-ihrimugiákun] The obd-ihrimûk are dwarven beasts of burden domesticated from ancient great reptilians. Bred for millennia, the dwarves have added stocky strength and docility to the creatures at the expense of swiftness. Obd-ihrimûk are hardy beasts and can be trained to bear a warrior and barding in war. Despite their slow speed for their size, obd-ihrimûk can carry a heavy burden for hours, plodding the slopes of the dwarven homelands of the Ithrads and the Jaggudorns. Obd-ihrimûk have proportionately short legs stocky bodies with vestigial horn stubs atop their heads. Their adult bodies reach about six to eleven meters long. They live about 120 to 150 years.

The objutes of Danona and elsewhere are thought to have been bred from obd-ihrimûk stock before the ninth millennium before Salmakhamer. Dwarven sagas describe creatures virtually identical to the obd-ihrimugiákun in antediluvian legends. Dwarven scholars have identified depictions of the beast in stone reliefs dated to around the ninth millennium in Tauhad.

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