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The Old Religion describes the human worship of the Isxinthion Gods and their counterparts throughout the world in contrast to later religions, such as Arathracianism and Incarnandism. The term is ambiguous as it can mean the religion as practiced by the ancients or as continued to be practiced today. The meaning carries the mixed connotations of conservatism and cultural identity. Most humans of the Pallathantic Region observe holidays associated with the Isxinthion Gods with varying degrees of devotion. The distinction between the Old Religion and Arathracianism is real but fine in many cases as the observances of the Old Religion sometimes have idiomatic practice among Arathracians.

In the Old Religion, the Isxinthion Gods are honored as the creators and sustainers of the human universe. The god Amrulon is the lord and king of Isxinthions and so worthy of acknowledgement. The ancient Midretassen prophet Salmakhamer is credited with reviving the ailing worship of the Isxinthion Gods nearly three thousand years ago and observances honoring the Coming of Salmakhamer are common throughout the Pallathantic today.

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