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Map of Oliblish
Oliblish is a semi-arid land in the desert continent of Danona, released annually from the power of desert waste by monsoons in the late summer. The first Shenimite psychic warriors of Jerushabla emigrated to Oliblish in the twenty fourth century during the Eleventh Isbajath, commanded by then Incarnandina Besheth kath Miyanikhiya to defeat the Half-Orc wizard Zhamü the Ecstatic who ruled the land in a continually trance-like state, having concourse with the gods of chaos. The Incarnandina chose a valiant captain from one of the other of the Fifteen Tribes of Khahoner to become king in 2309, thus establishing the dynasty of Oliblish. Today the ruler is King Ba'ak Yebhuneh and the principle religion is Incarnandism.

Oliblish rests on the coastal plain of southwestern Danona, from the sea to the Ooshib Raaykh Mountains. The climate is very dry, except for late summer when the plains are inundated with monsoons from the south. The mountains cause the thunderstorms to release their remaining waters as rain. The Oliblishi make use of canals and cisterns to capture the rains as the course from the south face of the mountains towards the sea. Very little of the rain eventually flows into the sea. The water is kept in cisterns and wells for the rest of the year. The two largest rivers in Oliblish are the Ulshan River and the Th'aaliyodh River.

The principle cities of Oliblish include Tahkhnúsh, the seat of the royal palace, Aqsahem, Kalibhuth, Ye'akhom, S'emeq, 'Arash, T'anjamu, D'a'am Guha, and Zayth Obhibhutha. Several Incarnandist monasteries dot the land including the Eremetic Refuge of the Holy Pinnacle, the chapterhouse of the Quiernite Order, and the High House of the Vigilant Ithiraz'ites, the chapterhouse of the Ithiraz'ite Order.

The Flag of the Kingdom of Oliblish

Oliblish has a small conventional military, consisting of a navy, a skyforce, and an army. Its principle defenders are the native-born Shenimite psychic warriors who fame persists from the days of the Isbajutha. Oliblish maintains friendly ties with the Sultanate of Zarajove, particularly to defend themselves from the potential ravages of the Jykkyi Orcs from the interior. The orcs of Jhaadi Zhumzhur are the most powerful, but have learned not to come against the Shenimite warriors Kingdom. The brigands of Mahrat Qumah, however, have no lasting leader and sometimes attempt forays through the Ooshib Raaykh Mountains to plunder settlements on the edge of the Oliblishi Kingdom.

Oliblish is on the commercial sea route from Zarajove to Shagrela'al and Hœrnect.

The Sheleph Din Mountains are a small chain that rests in a pocket within the Ooshib Raaykh Mountains. The valley north of the Sheleph Din Mountains is considered very sacred to the Oliblishi

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