Omandral Sorcerer King

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b 1247 AI, d 1287 AI; regnavit 1276 AI to 1287 AI; Rule of Omandral, Sorcerer-King -- a powerful Sorcerer-King in the tradition of King Selukyal. Omandral, born of Dagwrffräwlis the Chary, a Medibgösk father, and Shilsháth Ummutha kath Shalibáth, a Jerushablan mother, he converted to the Imzaha religion and learned the arts of magic. He vowed to defeat the Geddamin and was inspired by the former dominion of the Archmagedom of the Paleologus. He summoned and lorded it over djinn, and other creatures from other worlds. His empire extended over Thyria, Ebinóë, western Ithatia, and western Corundy, including Desthor. Through victory in battle, his influence spread further afield, including Zamiria and Throvy. He was a nominal vassal of the Zehlib of Shagrela'al. He appointed nearly one hundred mages as senators of Aurice as part of his treaty with the city-state. Despite his legendary power and rule, he died at nearly age forty at the hands of his summoned servants. His relatively short rule of eleven years was insufficient to make permanent his newly established empire.

Upon his death, his kingdom fell to pieces among the vassal rulers and his governors.

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