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Orcs are a humanlike that have ravaged the outlying regions of Asdar since before the Age of Ice. Legend tells that they were brought by the Dragonshifters to wage war as mercenaries against the Titans and ultimately in the immense battle fought at the time of the Great Flood. Many scholars and most orc sages strong disagree with this, although acknowledging that the orcs may have been allied with the Dragonshifters.

Orcs are known as tireless warriors with little thought for culture. They are firmly established in the roughest places of Asdar: the desert wastes (Danona and Orrhymby), the coldest mountains (Jaggudorns and Skaligdæ), and in the case of the Nahirahuan, the New World. The Jykki were obliged to fight in behalf of their Geddamin overlords in the Geddamin Wars. Most orcs live in warm to very hot climates.

List of Known Orc Races

Deep Orcs (Kharredui) dwell in the depths of the earth (Kvarraga)
Jykki (Wastes of Danona)
Nahirahuan Orcs (thought to be benevolent) (New World)
Jaggudornish Orcs "Snow or Mountain" Orcs (Jaggudorns)
Skaligdæse Orcs
Chukti-Khroo Orcs Orrhymby
Zhek-Kunnin Izibjaal

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