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Members of a syncretistic sect of the Incarnandists, the Paimbalans are thought to have originated in the Tassan Highlands of Corundy in the early 1700's. Their teachings combine the learning of the ancient Kalamans and the core beliefs of the Incarnandists. Paimbalans embrace a body of mystical principles to enrich and enable spiritual growth. Paimbalan communities of Pytharnia maintain the body of traditions. Only a small community of Paimbalans exists today in Corundy. Although not all groups speak Vimalian or the Tassan Language, they continue to give their children Vimalian and Incarnandist (Khahonri) names. Some Paimbalists returned from the Amosgire to the Tassan Highlands after the Isbajath of the Penitents.

Paimbalan beliefs drew upon kalamantizing philosophers of Incarnandism. Unlike other sects such as Hamagnosticism or observers like Harmonists, Paimbalans faithfully acknowledge the authority and mission of the Incarnandina.

Outline of History

The sect grew, drawing followers and refugees until the 20th century when the prevalence of chaos worship and the dissolution of central authority compelled the Paimbalans to declare their communities a self-governing entity. As Chaos Rulers began to exert power over Corundy, the Paimbalans felt greater persecution and isolation. With the enthronement of Prince Ulcanov of the Shattered Waters, the leaders of the Paimbalans sensed their days were numbered and organized scouts to search for a new home. Scouts returned from many places and the leaders deliberated. They set their eyes on the lands north of the Amosgire Hills in Pytharnia. Wishing to avoid notice, they sent small groups, handfuls of families, at a time to emigrate and settle their colony. Other colonies were also chosen, but either did not survive the Middle Ages of Chaos or survived with only few representatives of the sect.

Near the Amosgire, the sect faced many new challenges, but no longer withstood the intolerant scrutiny of a chaos prince. This main population of the Paimbalans survived the Middle Ages of Chaos. Today, small Paimbalan communities exist throughout southern Pytharnia and some have returned to Corundy to establish the sect's roots in its origins. Lawstaff, March of Amosgire, is one city in southern Pytharnia with a significant Paimbalan minority.

Some Paimbalans returned to the Tassan Highlands after the Isbajath of the Penitents which was vowed by the Paimbalist, Salisa jhaña Gabila.

Notable Paimbalans

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