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The Pallathantic Region, sometimes called Greater Pallathantic Region comprises numerous lands and climes located around the Pallathantic Sea in the northwestern area of the land mass of the eastern hemisphere of the World of Asdar. The term is used to denote a host of cultures and humanlikes that share many common aspects in history. In limited use, the term "Pallathantic Region" includes the Jaggudorns, Pytharnia, western Eloaria, including Corundy and Throvy, the Ithatian Islands and the Golden Isles of the Pallathantic Sea, northern Danona, including Zarajove through Thyria north of the desert, all the nations with coasts on the Memnosian Sea, and the Adamantine Mountains. In the broadest use, the term expands to include additionally the continent of Barathorn, Midrardia, all of Danona, all of Eloaria, and all of northwestern Weshif are included. This is sometimes called the 'Greater Pallathantic Region.' Alternatively, it is also called 'the West.'

Map of the Greater Pallathantic Region

Common Cultural Heritage

Despite the diversity of languages and ethnicities, both human and humanlike, the Pallathantic Region shares some key points of culture. The greater portion of the Pallathantic Region was once ruled by the Yophenthean Empire and subsequently the various rulers of the Kalikán Empire who helped establish the use of skycraft. The most widely used writing systems of the region can be traced back to Hirgunyan Script (Kalaman). Artistic and literary traditions have diffused throughout the region, playing upon each other.

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