Pallathantic Tribes

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The Pallathantic Tribes are an early Gwenyan people who preceded the Ithatian migrations into the isles of the Pallathantic Sea. The Pallathantic Tribes emerged from ancient Erserce. Their period of immigration and settlement extended over about six centuries, 2400 AS to 1775 AS. Indeed, the Pallathantic Sea is thought to be named after these peoples who spoke a language similar to Ithatian. The Pallathantic Tribes were absorbed and displaced by the Ithatians who followed. The term 'Pallathantic' in its oldest sense refers to these tribes and not to the Sea.

The name Pallathantic derives from the moon goddess, Pallathas, whom these tribes worshiped and considered as their special protecting divinity. Pallathas Isle is thought to hold a special connection to now vanished tribes.

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