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Panseeing is the art and practice of observing the panstream which is essential to all arcane spellcasting. One so proficient is called a panseer and all wizards and mages are necessarily panseers. While panseeing is fundamental to arcane spellcasting, there are panseers whose capacity to observe and note the movements and phenomenology of the panstream exceeds the essential aptitude and thus make a profession of studying the panstream. It is not well understood why some humans and humanlikes can see the panstream and others cannot. The relationship between vispanifica and panseeing is not understood, but there is much evidence that panseeing is more fundamental than vispanifica, so that anyone with vispanifica necessarily is a panseer, but not all panseers have vispanifica.

The morphology, luminosity, and flow of the panstream can indicate environmental factors. Magical creatures and devices exude a panwarp which is a disturbance and interaction with the panstream. The panstream around highly magical creatures may appear much brighter to the panseer. However, intelligent highly magical creatures, including beings from other realms, may not have a shallow panwarp. Its magical presence may be deeper and require a panseer who can see much deeper in order to observe it. Panseer scholars rate phenomena according to magnitude (luminosity) and depth in the panstream which is often called the panwarp.

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