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Rhafindwor is a peninsula in southwestern Pytharnia which enjoys a temperate seaside climate. It is bounded to the north by the region called Rhevia. Rhafindwor, as a peninsula, is bounded to the west by the Golden Sea and to the east by the Sea of Asbardy. Its ports have excellent access to both the Pytharnian Sea and the Pallathantic Sea. Much of the land is covered by low, gently sloping mountains and small copses of oaks, Scots Pines, and Beeches.

The peninsula called Rhafindwor in the western end of Pytharnia

Rhafindwor is part of the Archduchy of Asbardy and is divided into five provinces, Dardavia, Hebarth Avonne, Hebarth Sfune, Thoffa, and Fleyune. Gaith Smurgel Island is often considered part of Rhafindwor culturally.

In ancient times, Rhafindwor was settled by the Goldenlings, a group of related Moigthe tribes. Prior to this time, the land was populated by Pytharnian Giants and other humanlikes. Rhafindwor was little penetrated by the Neptultchi Civilization, but was one of the first lands in Pytharnia to be conquered by the ancient Yophentheans.

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