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Map of Rhevia

Rhevia is the lower valley of the Rheve River in southwestern Pytharnia and neighbors Gorrhevia to the north and Rhafindwor to the south. It includes territory in Asbardy proper and in the dominion of Graith, both of which are in the Archduchy of Asbardy. The three Asbardian provinces of Nairgis, Gnoarthy, and Fayen-Tairn are considered part of southern Rhevia. The largest cities in the region are Ddynnawi and Myernerth. The climate is a wet temperate. Along with Rhafindwor, it was one of the first territories in Pytharnia to be conquered and incorporated into the Yophenthean Empire.

Historically, the Rheve River has divided southern Rhevians who speak the Asbardian Language from northern Rhevians who speak the Myernian Language.

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