Rites of Incarnandina

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Sacred Rites performed to bless and invoke God's favor during key moments in the life of the Incarnandina are not well-known to those outside the inner circle of the Shenimite People. They are commonly called 'Rites of Incarnandina' by believers as they all involve the Incarnandina.

There are no priests in the Incarnandist Religion, so monks and nuns direct the officiator and recipients of the rites. The Incarnandina holds great prestige, but even she denies any religious office.

Rite of Daughter's Birth

Performed when Incarnandina gives birth to a daughter

Rite of New Incarnandina or Ascension

Performed with youngest surviving daughter when mother dies.

Rite of Marriage of Incarnandina

Performed when Incarnandina marries.

Rite of Incarnandiole

This rite is performed whenever the Incarnandina gives birth to a son. It acknowledges him as a potential Incarnandus, naming him as an 'Incarnandiole' or little Incarnandus, a type of the true Incarnandus who is to come.

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