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Established in 2613 on the site of the township of Rhaith Rhiant, Royal Trevirs is the seat of the Emperor or Empress of the Pytharnian Empire and regarded as a twin city to Trevirs. The need for an imperial domicile separated from the greater capital city was sought for after the Great Fire of Trevirs (2603) had devastated most of the capital city. Royal Trevirs rests on a hilly prominence of High Pytharnia about twenty one miles southeast south of Trevirs. The walled city of Rhaith Rhiant, already a prosperous city, was redesigned, the old mayoral palace razed, and the imperial residence, the Temple-Palace of Magdaia and Dáunau (Royal Trevirs), built and sufficiently completed to domicile the imperial family in 2621. The city of Royal Trevirs consists of various shops, enterprises, and offices that cater and support the imperial court and entourage of princes, officials, and magistrates who reside in Royal Trevirs.

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