Royal bigamy

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The culturally sanctioned practice of two wives for the ancient king of the High Gwenyan Tribes, Royal Bigamy was relinquished as a practice sometime shortly before the early sky period of ancient Thrace. The ancient king of the High Gwenyan Tribes was considered the earthly analog of the Heavenly King, the god Amrulon. As the god Amrulon was wed to two goddesses, the earthly king of the High Gwenyan Tribes wedded two wives, one of royal or aristocratic heritage and one of foreign heritage, in analogy of the Sun Goddess Eriu and the Sky Goddess, Parkia.

When the ancient line was disputed and extinguished by war and civil disruptions, the kingship could no longer be directly associated with the rule of Amrulon and the practice of royal bigamy could no longer be seen as legitimate. Thus it fell out of favor and use.

One account says that the Parkyons are actually descendants of the offspring of the ancient King of the High Gwenyans and his second wife, associated with the Goddess, Parkia.

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