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A S'ubhalite [cf. Khahonri S'ubhalasi, sing; S’ubhalasi’uma, plural] is anyone who accepts the prophecy and future mission of the Incarnandus, but rejects the need for a specific lineage of the Incarnandina. A person who accepts a heterodox line of the Incarnandina, by definition, is not a S'ubhalite, as a S'ubhalite completely rejects the need for a recognized heritage for the mother of the coming Incarnandus. A S'ubhalite is not necessarily someone who studies or accepts the mission of the heretical, tenth century Incarnandist, S'ubhal of Syre. Those who have rejected the role of the Incarnandus and the Incarnandina are called “Children of the Planets” because like the planets which do not rotate around the northstar, they do not observe the belief of mainstream Incarnandism.

S'ubhalites can be found in many Incarnandist communities. There are broadly two categories of S'ubhalites. Some S'ubhalites actively participate in the great, orthodox community of Incarnandists as they do not believe it is offensive to God to do so and acknowledge that it is possible that the Incarnandus could come of the recognized lineage of the Incarnandina. They may or may not keep their beliefs private. In contrast, other S'ubhalites reject participation in the general congregation of Incarnandists as they see the practice of filiastic ultimogeniture as corrupting the religiosity of Incarnandism and commingling politics with spirituality.

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