Süjamaz the Ecstatic

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Chaos Ruler Süjamaz the Ecstatic, b ca. mid 2100's. died 2305. was the Zarajoveni chaos ruler of western Danona, 2218 to 2305. He was the leader of the local chaos monastery in Aadhnuub which held ascendancy over western Danona. Süjamaz was not a vassal to any other chaos lord. He was slain in 2307 at the conclusion of the the Tenth Isbajath, 2303 to 2307. Artistic renditions of Süjamaz from his own time and immediately after depict him levitating in a characteristic state of ecstasy with limbs spread out loosely.

Like many chaos rulers, the exact knowledge of his year of birth remains uncertain. Records of his time present a mixed account of his benevolence and caprice. He was one of many ecstatic mystics of the chaos movement who arose in charisma and sway during the 2100's. His concourse with the powers of chaos enabled him to live well over a hundred years with vigorous health. During his rule, the practice of Imzaha was openly despised, but not fully outlawed. The monastery over which he held leadership held loose power over western Danona, often protecting the human tribes from jykki invaders from the desert.

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