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The Commonwealth of Sardeichs rests in the southern Jaggudorns and overlooks the valley of the Shadew River.

Sardeichs is capital of the smallest of the independent Dwarven States in the Pytharnia-Jaggudorns region of the world and is a leading banking center in the West. It is often called by its alternative name, Sardic. Sardeichs is also a leading center of titancraft development and manufacture. The dwarven city-state is home to Sardic Polytechnic Institute, one of the most prestigious centers of dwarven higher learning in the world. The Commonwealth of Sardeichs is a self-governing sovereign state in southern Jaggudorns and a member of the Dwarven Customs Union of the Jaggudorns. Sardeichs was colonized by Qaish'aa dwarves from Dagdoria in the seventh century who were seeking independence from the Yophenthean Empire. They settled in the region that was loosely claimed by the Amandal Dwarves. In time, they received acknowledgement of their independence from the King of the Amandals. The demonym of Sardeichs is Sardichite. The language is the Sardichite dialect of the Jaggudorner Ithradic Dwarven Language.

The city of Sardeichs proper occupies nearly a central position in the strip of territory that comprises the Commonwealth. The city is principally subterranean and its openings to the surface rest on the southward facing slopes of the high alpine valleys of the Amandal Jaggudorns. Subterranean Sardeichs is serviced by a state-of-the-art dwarven dragonrail system which connects it to several stations throughout the undergound city and with major underground cities throughout the Commonwealth, including Svavo. Sardeichs is the seat of the governing organs of the Commonwealth.

The Flag of the Commonwealth of Sardeichs differs from the capital city's administrative flag

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