Sarvandif Wastes

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The Sarvandif Wastes form the southernmost portion of the Danzercouphtan Desert.

The Sarvandif Wastes are a particularly desolate expanse in the southernmost Danzercouphtan Desert. They are bounded on three sides by the shores of the Sea of a Thousand Curses and to the north by the greater Danzercouphtan Desert. To the east of the Sarvandif Wastes rests the Talizar Desert. They are thought cursed by the gods with the ruins of the destruction of the antediluvian titans and rarely traversed even by caravan and nomads. As part of the High Deserts of Asdauria, the Sarvandif Wastes can reach freezing temperatures in the depth of winter, although less often than the rest of Danzercouphta. The waters of the Sea of a Thousand Curses are thought to moderate the cold temperatures. There are not thought to be any permanent settlements in the Sarvandif Wastes and even nomads are thought to be few and far between.

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